Brave launches browser-native crypto wallet to combat fake extensions


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  • Brave, a privacy-focused web browser, has launched its wallet.
  • Brave wallet guarantees the security of your cryptocurrency.

Brave is further intensifying its devotion to cryptocurrency by adding its browser-native wallet. The privacy-focused web browser has sustained its drive to crypto space. The company has pulled a fast one on other wallet providers like Metamask.

The firm announced that it’s in the final phase of launching its wallet. This inbuilt wallet will give users the ability to deposit and purchase digital assets.

The latest wallet will do away with Brave’s Metamask extension known as Crypto Wallets. Brave’s co-founder, Brain Bondy, said the newest development was created from scratch and natively fixed to the browser.

The new wallet is unique. Unlike web 3.0 folders such as Metamask, Brave wallet works without fixing annexes. It has its extension in-built as a significant specialty. The organization says that innovation enhances security. Also, it lowers the pressure on the CPU and memory.

In Bondy’s words, this cryptocurrency is the same as hardware crypto wallets. It executes its BIP32 ranking folder.

Explaining how it works, the technician said they keep funds at the blockchain. Yet, the codes to retrieve those tokens exist in the digital wallet. He went ahead to clarify that it will keep users’ keys on the appliance.

The Brave wallet is more secure

Bondy feels that the browser extension crypto wallet is limiting crypto adoption. He claims that crypto wallets expose users to colossal insecurity. For that reason, most clients fear to venture into this industry.

He cited how extensions are easy to fake. Thieves have a field day in making fake wallets. Yet, they pretend they are excellent wallet extensions. It’s a common thing to lose your digital assets to these ratchet agents. The pioneer pointed out the bogus Metamask extension, which was angling to steal users’ tokens. Besides, he stated that extensions amass several code dependencies, which pose risks. The code dominions may trigger safety audit flaws with time.

Bondy said extensions wouldn’t portray on the interface. However, this product can fully utilize the user interface. Through exploring the link, Brave wallet guards users against scammers.

Brave wallet is compatible with several digital tokens

While using this item, you can transact almost all cryptocurrencies. The wallets allow all connections congruent with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM.)

Furthermore, it is soon sustaining bitcoin, Bondy said. Also, Brave intends to widen its browser with additional blockchains. Therefore, the browser will rope in the Solana blockchain in the coming year.

Besides allowing Dapp interlinkages, it enables users to exchange NFTs on EVM cooperative blockchains. Also, through the wallet, you can purchase crypto using fiat currencies via crypto-to-fiat service wire.

This item is readily installed on the computer browser. But, it will include the portable app soon. To enjoy this product, install the Brave browser and update to version 1.32.

Brave browser has gained popularity over the past few years. From February, we saw considerable growth where active users increased from 25 million to 42 million.

Edith Muthoni

Edith Muthoni

Edith is an investment writer, trader, and personal finance coach specializing in investments advice around the fintech niche. Her fields of expertise include stocks, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and cryptocurrency investments.

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