AI to the Rescue: Reviving Australia’s Giant Kelp Forests


  • Google and Australian scientists team up to use AI to revive Tasmania’s giant kelp forests, which are crucial for marine health and the economy.
  • The project aims to map surviving kelp and breed heat-resistant strains, addressing the 95% decline due to climate change.
  • By analyzing large data volumes, AI will help restore 30% of Australia’s giant kelp forests, ensuring their future survival.

Google, Australian researchers, the Nature Conservancy, and other environmental organizations have joined together to unveil a ground-breaking initiative aimed at mitigating the consequences of climate change on marine ecosystems. The project aims to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to revive the dwindling giant kelp forests off the coast of Tasmania, crucial for both ocean health and local economies.

Giant kelp forests, once abundant along Tasmania’s coastlines, have seen a dramatic decline, with 95% of these underwater habitats being wiped out due to rising ocean temperatures and invasive species like kelp-eating urchins. These forests play a pivotal role in coastal protection, biodiversity, and the local economy, offering shelter and food to a variety of marine life, including species valuable to commercial fishing and tourism.

Anusuya Willis, from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), highlighted the severity of the situation, noting the drastic reduction of kelp forests in Tasmania. The changing conditions have made it impossible for the kelp to thrive, leading to the current crisis.

AI-powered restoration strategies

The collaboration seeks to leverage AI in a two-pronged approach to address this environmental challenge. Firstly, Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform will be employed to analyze satellite imagery over a vast expanse of the ocean to locate the remaining patches of giant kelp. These efforts will not only focus on Tasmania but also extend to mainland Australia, aiming to accurately map out the surviving kelp forests.

Secondly, the initiative will identify strains of giant kelp resistant to heat, a crucial step given the increasing temperatures and frequency of marine heat waves. Leah Kaplan of Google Cloud emphasized the project’s goal to establish a national baseline map for these forests, which will guide the reintroduction of more resilient kelp varieties.

The use of AI is expected to significantly enhance the ability to process and analyze the large volumes of data necessary for this endeavor. Researchers hope to develop kelp strains that can withstand future climatic changes by identifying genetic traits that contribute to heat resistance.

A forward-looking approach

The project’s ambitious goal is to restore 30% of Australia’s giant kelp forests. This restoration aims to revive the kelp and ensure its survival against future environmental challenges. By employing cutting-edge technology, the initiative represents a significant step forward in the fight against the impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems.

The partnership between technology and environmental conservation showcases the potential of AI to address some of the most pressing environmental issues. As the project progresses over the next three years, it offers hope for the regeneration of these vital underwater forests, crucial for the health of the ocean and the well-being of coastal communities.

This innovative approach to marine conservation combines technology, scientific research, and environmental stewardship to save one of Australia’s most important natural assets. As the world grapples with the effects of climate change, such initiatives highlight the importance of collaboration and innovation in finding sustainable solutions.

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