AI-Powered Humanoid Robot Stuns Visitors with Poems and Art at ICRA Conference

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  • AI-powered humanoid robot, Ameca, wows visitors at ICRA with its ability to converse in multiple languages, compose poems, and create art on demand
  • The fusion of AI and robotics at ICRA sparks excitement, showcasing the potential to eliminate traditional programming and provide direct instructions to robots.
  • Ameca’s artistic capabilities, powered by AI image generator Stable Diffusion and OpenAI’s GPT-3, demonstrate the rapid development of AI in the robotics field. 

The International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in London showcased the latest advancements in robotics, featuring a remarkable AI-powered humanoid robot named Ameca. Visitors were astounded by Ameca’s ability to converse in multiple languages, compose poems, and even create sketches on demand. The event, often referred to as the “Olympics of the robot world,” not only highlighted cutting-edge technologies but also raised concerns about the risks of artificial intelligence.

Robotic Marvels at ICRA

Ameca, designed by Engineered Arts, boasts a generative artificial intelligence system that enables it to respond to commands, interact with humans, and engage in meaningful conversations. Its rubbery blue face is capable of forming expressions, although its smile appears somewhat forced. Demonstrating remarkable linguistic skills, Ameca can speak French, Chinese, and numerous other languages with ease.

The ICRA exhibition floor witnessed an array of robotic innovations. Packs of robotic dogs moved around, showcasing their agility and coordination. Attendees donned virtual reality headsets and controlled android sentries on wheels, while students from the University of Bonn showcased an award-winning avatar system. This system allowed operators wearing VR glasses to manipulate robotic hands, demonstrating precise movements such as moving chess pieces, flipping switches, and operating drills.

Revolutionary Potential of AI-Driven Robotics

The development of new artificial intelligence systems generated considerable excitement at the conference. Kaspar Althoefer, the general chair of ICRA 2023, highlighted the revolutionary progress of AI, citing ChatGPT as a prime example. The fusion of AI with robotics captured the interest of many attendees. Althoefer suggested that combining ChatGPT with a robotic device could potentially eliminate the need for traditional programming, allowing users to provide instructions directly to the robot.

Ameca, a recent addition to Engineered Arts’ portfolio, has primarily been deployed in museums and research institutions. Its artistic capabilities are made possible by leveraging Stable Diffusion, an AI image generator for drawing, and OpenAI’s GPT-3 for generating responses. When challenged to compose a poem, Ameca delivered a few verses praising the Associated Press:

“Associated Press, a trusted source of news,

Keeping us informed with all the facts and views,

From politics to sports, they cover it all,

Their journalists always answer when we call,

A beacon of truth in a world full of lies,

AP’s reporting never fails to surprise.”

The achievements displayed at ICRA underscore the rapid development of AI. Will Jackson, Director of Engineered Arts, emphasized that the greatest challenge in robotics now lies in mechanical engineering rather than artificial intelligence. Engineered Arts aims to create humanoid robots specifically designed for human interaction, assisting visitors in amusement parks and engaging in conversation, storytelling, and entertainment.

ICRA showcases the roles of robots in human lives

As ICRA 2023 continues, it serves as a reminder of the potential benefits and risks associated with AI. Prominent scientists and tech industry leaders have recently emphasized the importance of mitigating the risks of AI, stating that safeguarding against the potential extinction risks posed by AI should be a global priority. Nonetheless, the ongoing advancements showcased at ICRA promise a future where robots will play an increasingly integral role in various aspects of our lives.

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