Across Protocol Acts Swiftly to Remove Fake Discord Link After User Losses


  • Across Protocol faced a security breach when a fake Discord link led to user losses of approximately $880,000 in aEthWBTC, highlighting vulnerabilities in digital asset security within the crypto community.
  • In response, the Across Protocol team promptly removed the fraudulent link and took steps to address the issue, underscoring the need for enhanced security measures and user vigilance in the cryptocurrency space.




The cryptocurrency community was recently shaken by a significant security breach involving Across Protocol. A fake Discord link, purportedly associated with Across Protocol, led unsuspecting users to a fraudulent server. The issue was first brought to light through a community risk warning issued by ZachXBT on Telegram. The warning pointed out the deceptive nature of the document link, which was misleading users and compromising their digital assets. The incident has raised serious concerns about the security measures and practices within the crypto ecosystem, highlighting the vulnerability of users to online scams.

The discovery of the fake Discord link has put the spotlight on the challenges faced by the crypto community in ensuring the safety and integrity of online platforms. In the rapidly evolving world of digital currencies, where transactions and interactions occur predominantly online, the risk of encountering fraudulent schemes is high. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for constant vigilance and robust security protocols to protect users and their assets.

The impact of the fraudulent link

The fraudulent Discord link associated with Across Protocol had a detrimental impact on its users, with reports suggesting losses of around $880,000 in aEthWBTC. The substantial financial loss highlights the effectiveness of the scam and the ease with which cybercriminals can exploit unsuspecting victims in the digital space. The incident not only resulted in significant financial damage to individual users but also posed a threat to the reputation and trustworthiness of Across Protocol as a secure platform for digital transactions.

In the wake of the security breach, the crypto community has been reminded of the inherent risks associated with digital asset management. The ease with which the scammers were able to deceive users raises questions about the security measures in place and the need for more stringent protocols to prevent such occurrences. The incident underscores the importance of user education and awareness in safeguarding against similar threats in the future.

Across Protocol’s response to the incident

Responding to the security breach, the team at Across Protocol took immediate and decisive action. They acknowledged the presence of the fraudulent link and promptly removed it from all their official communication channels. The quick response was crucial in preventing further exploitation of users and demonstrated the team’s commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy platform. The Across Protocol team also engaged with their community to inform them of the situation and the steps taken to address it, reinforcing their dedication to transparency and user safety.

However, the incident has also highlighted the need for Across Protocol and similar platforms to enhance their security measures and protocols. In a digital landscape where threats are constantly evolving, staying ahead of potential security breaches is critical. The Across Protocol team’s response to the incident is just the first step in a longer journey towards building a more secure and resilient platform. Ongoing efforts to improve security, coupled with user education, will be key to restoring confidence and trust among users.


The incident involving the fake Discord link and Across Protocol is a significant wake-up call for the cryptocurrency community. It emphasizes the ongoing challenges in ensuring the security of digital assets and the collective responsibility of platforms and users to create a safe and reliable ecosystem. As Across Protocol and other entities in the crypto space work towards bolstering their security measures, the incident serves as a crucial lesson in the importance of vigilance, proactive risk management, and continuous improvement in the dynamic and often unpredictable world of cryptocurrency.

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