Massive security breach and layoff concerns cast shadow on Insomniac Games


  • Insomniac Games hit by security breach, risking layoffs amid Sony’s reallocation plans.
  • Sony is considering cutting 50-75 jobs at Insomniac as it shifts focus to Marvel projects.
  • Insomniac’s future is uncertain after a breach, but successes with “Spider-Man 2” offer hope.

A massive security breach has rocked Insomniac Games, the renowned video game development studio behind hit titles like Spider-Man 2, in a shocking turn of events. Over 1.7 terabytes of sensitive information were leaked onto the internet by the hacker organization Rhysida. 

While the breach has damaged Insomniac’s prospects for 2023, it could worsen with potential layoffs looming.

The leaked data primarily revolves around Insomniac Games’ highly anticipated upcoming title, “Wolverine,” and the studio’s plans for expanding the Spider-Man universe. 

The breach has raised significant concerns within the gaming industry and among fans, as it unveiled detailed insights into the studio’s projects and internal operations.

The news of a potential workforce reduction within Insomniac Games first came to light through a report by Kotaku. According to an internal PowerPoint presentation shared within the studio in November, Sony, Insomniac’s parent company, is contemplating downsizing the studio’s workforce. It is reported that 50-75 employees could face layoffs due to this decision.

Insomniac’s reallocation strategy

The presentation, authored by Insomniac’s founder and CEO, Ted Price, outlines a strategy that involves reallocating team members currently working on projects unrelated to Marvel IPs, such as Ratchet & Clank and new IPs, into the development of “Wolverine” and “Spider-Man 3.” This strategy would potentially result in the departure of underperforming staff members.

The rationale behind this approach is that the staff members working on non-Marvel projects are often studio veterans, suggesting that newer employees might be more susceptible to layoffs. Price acknowledges the potential for discontent among the workforce due to these layoffs, which could result in some employees choosing to leave the studio voluntarily.

Previous workforce reductions

It’s worth noting that Insomniac Games had already faced workforce reductions earlier in the year. The studio had initially aimed to have 500 full-time employees by the end of 2023. However, an email from Sony in September indicated that the maximum headcount allocated to the studio was capped at 470.

The leaked presentation discusses various methods for reducing the studio’s workforce, including layoffs, not filling vacant roles, and placing employees on performance improvement plans. The outcome of these measures would determine whether an employee could continue their tenure with the company or face termination.

Financial success amidst uncertainty

Arguing against Insomniac Games’ success is challenging despite the uncertainties and potential layoffs. “Spider-Man 2,” for instance, reportedly incurred a production cost of $315 million but achieved remarkable sales figures, surpassing 5 million copies sold within its first 11 days on the market. 

Leaked documents indicate that the game needs to sell 7.2 million copies to break even, a milestone it will likely achieve, further solidifying the company’s success and its partnership with Sony.

With the breach’s information now public, the gaming community eagerly awaits Sony’s response. Given the studio’s robust project pipeline and recent successes, it remains uncertain whether Sony will insist on Insomniac’s workforce reduction. As fans and industry insiders watch closely, the fate of Insomniac Games hangs in the balance.

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