A close look at YoMix: Lazarus’ favorite Bitcoin mixer


  • YoMix has become the favorite Bitcoin mixer of the North Korean Lazarus Group, according to Chainalysis.
  • The platform saw a fivefold increase in inflows in 2023, with a third coming from wallets linked to hacking.
  • Global crypto money laundering dropped to $22.2 billion last year, partly due to the downfall of services like Tornado Cash and Sinbad.

YoMix has rapidly ascended to the apex of infamy, securing its spot as the preferred tool for obfuscating the origins of ill-gotten gains, especially for the Lazarus Group, a band of infamous cyber marauders from North Korea. This revelation was brought to light by the analytical mavens at Chainalysis in their latest yearly report. With a more than quintupled influx of funds in 2023, YoMix is a testament to the adaptability and cunning of today’s cybercriminals, particularly those operating under the aegis of state-sponsored initiatives.

The Rise of YoMix Amidst the Crypto Conundrum

As the cryptocurrency market faced tumultuous times in 2023, with transaction volumes taking a nosedive, crypto money laundering experienced a significant reshuffle. The year saw a decline in laundering activities, plummeting from $31.5 billion to a still staggering $22.2 billion. This reduction outpaced the overall market’s contraction, suggesting a strategic pivot within the underworld’s financial flows.

The downfall of previously dominant mixing services, Tornado Cash and Sinbad left a void quickly filled by the likes of YoMix. This mixer illustrates a grim ballet of evasion and adaptation, as entities like the Lazarus Group seek new avenues to cleanse their pilfered digital treasure.

Lazarus’s penchant for YoMix is one of necessity and innovation. With about a third of YoMix’s inflows traceable to wallets marred by hacking activities, the service’s surge in popularity among such groups highlights a broader trend of technological arms races in the cyber domain. The group is known for its diversification into cross-chain bridges and other sophisticated obfuscation methods.

A Global Perspective on Crypto’s Shadowed Edges

Beyond the shadows of YoMix and its clientele lies a broader narrative of crypto’s place in the global economic and political arena. Notably, the saga of the bankrupt Celsius platform, which managed to disburse $2 billion in crypto to its creditors, adds another layer to the complex relationship between mainstream financial mechanisms and the burgeoning crypto economy.

Internationally, the political climate indicates an increasing recognition of cryptocurrency’s inescapable existence. Indonesia’s recent political changes, including the rise of pro-crypto figures, indicate a possible move toward more friendly crypto regulations in a country already teeming with digital currency lovers. This juxtaposition of Indonesia’s adoption of cryptocurrency against the backdrop of its exploitation by groups such as the Lazarus Group exemplifies the contradictory nature of technological advancement.

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