Stellar Lumens XLM Price Prediction 2020, 2025


From a high of $0.79 in January 2018 to the price of $0.07 in May 2020, XLM has without doubt seen worst days.

However, the price of the crypto is not going down without a fight. While the Stellar Lumens price drop may be significant, it has not been a smooth decline all-through. There are times the cryptocurrency resisted the bears and other times the bears outrightly took over.

As of October 27th, 2020, Stellar Lumens has:

  • A current price of: $0.082850
  • A Market Capitalization of: $1,727,953,891
  • A 24-hour volume of: $180,233,875
  • A Circulating Supply of: 20,856,497,313 XLM
  • A Total supply of: 50,001,803,689 XLM

So, is the price of XLM ready to take its place in the cryptocurrency market? Are investors still stocking or they’re emptying their bags? Is the future growth making XLM a good investment?

In this Stellar Lumens price prediction, we explore the various XLM technical analysis targeting its price. We also sample views of whether XLM is capable of moving from its current price to hit a price of $1 or even $100.

But, first thing first. Let’s look at the basics of Stellar as a blockchain project and XLM as a native cryptocurrency on the platform.

What is Stellar?

Stellar is an open-source blockchain platform that promises to revolutionize the global financial sector. It’s built to connect payment systems, individuals, and institutions, allowing them to seamlessly transfer funds while keeping the transaction fees low and enhancing the transaction speed. These features lack in the current traditional financial system.

Launched in 2014, the project was founded by Jed McCaleb who is also the founder of Ripple, and was involved in the creation of the now-defunct Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange.

Open-source network unlike Ripple

Despite McCaleb moving from Ripple, Stellar is not a complete replica of Ripple. For instance, while Ripple is a closed network, Stellar is open source meaning that anyone can join and view activities.

Also, while Ripple markets itself to seasoned firms in the financial sector to ease their cross-border transactions, Stellar is more into developing markets with a critical focus on the unbanked.

To propel Stellar to achieve its goals, the Stellar advisory board members include the Stripe’s CEO, Patrick Collison, WordPress Founder, Naval Ravikant, among other professionals in the business and financial sector.

Since it’s a decentralized platform, operations are similar to top decentralized platforms like Cardano, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

However, it has some significant advantages when compared to other top blockchain platforms.

For example, transactions on the platform are confirmed within 2 to 5 seconds, compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes and Litecoin’s 2.5 minutes. Additionally, its consensus protocol is unique.

Federated Byzantine Agreement algorithm

The Stellar consensus protocol (SCP) employs the Federated Byzantine Agreement algorithm to reach an agreement. With this approach, the platform doesn’t have to rely on all the nodes/servers on the network when it comes to verifying transactions. Instead, it uses a section of the network to decide whether or not to add a transaction on the Stellar blockchain. A node nominates the portion of the network to approve a transaction with each server choosing a group of nodes it considers reliable.

To live to its promise of powering frictionless cross border transactions, the platform utilizes its own virtual currency.

Lumens (XLM) embraces the openness

Commonly referred to as Stellar Lumens (XLM), or just XLM, Lumen is the native crypto on the Steller blockchain. Sometimes, new entrants in the market interchange these two terms to read Lumen stellar. This is incorrect.

According to information on the Stellar Lumens website, Lumens (XLM) was created to provide “a digital-first asset that embraces the openness of the internet and is independent of economic and political factors,” and “intended solely for dominating network requirements.”

XLM does not suppport mining like top coin s

Deflation mechanism slashes into half 100B coins

Notably, XLM is not mined as is the case for Bitcoin or automatically awarded by the platform. Instead, out of a total 50 billion Lumens, 20 million were released into the cryptocurrency market while the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) kept the 30 billion XLM balance. Note that initially, 100 billion XLM coins were created but were slashed by half after a deflation mechanism was put in place to counter the 1 percent yearly inflation.

Purchase of Stellar Lumens can be made on platforms like Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Lobstr, a native XLM exchange, among other reputable platforms handling cryptocurrencies.

To help it achieve its goals, Stellar has over the years sealed partnerships with leading firms around the globe.

The future of Abra and Stellar: a good growth forecast

Commenting on the investment/partnership, Abra’s CEO, Bill Barhydt, noted:

We believe Stellar’s one of the most scalable and versatile cryptocurrency platforms available today. …Our companies are strongly aligned in our services roadmap going forward.

Lauren Thorbjornsen, SDF’s communication director, added that the investment would see Abra use Stellar blockchain as its back-end and help Abra to expand its services through the development of new products on Stellar.

Looking at Stellar Lumens price, the partnership may have encouraged the bulls to master more power and keep the bears away when other cryptocurrencies like XRP were experiencing a bearish period.

When news about the partnership surfaced on May 7 this year, the coin was trading at between $0.0708 and $0.0736. It hovered around this price range until May 11 when it traded at a range of $0.0612 to $0.0651.

SDF and Elliptic

Still in May 2020, the Stellar Development Foundation signed a partnership with Elliptic, a virtual currency-risk management firm.

The partnership was meant to provide Stellar-based businesses with transparency options allowing them to track fraudulent schemes and comply with regulatory guidelines.

Thorbjornsen told Cointelegraph that the expertise brought by Elliptic adds to the existing “built-in compliance functionality of the Stellar network.” Combined, they provide “stronger tools to manage risk and operate with transparency and accountability.”

Interestingly, the partnership was exclusive. As per SDF’s director of communications, the exclusive nature of the partnership means that “Elliptic will be the preferred provider of the Stellar Network.”

Stellar will first seek support from Elliptic

This partnership happened towards the end of April 2020, but news about it spread on April 30. Based on its price, it seems like the crypto community had a good grasp of the deal on April 28 when the price jumped from a previous high of $0.0684 to a new high of $0.0707. The price continued to appreciate in the following dates. Stellar Lumens price reached a high of $0.0761 on May 2.

The momentum created by the Elliptic Stellar partnership received a boost in May when SDF signed another partnership with Abra.

A combination of these partnerships with reputable firms created a strong resistance giving the bulls more traction against the bears.

With the two partnerships happening on April and May 2020, they may, in no small extent, be responsible for Stellar Lumens bullish momentum in May. The strong uptrend may also be the pivoting factor for optimistic Stellar Lumens price prediction in 2020. Although the bears have tried to disrupt the uptrend, the bulls have not lost much ground.

As these partnerships gain momentum and tangible work can be seen on the Stellar network, Lumens price may be well on its way to the top.

Stellar and IBM

In March 2019, IBM partnered with Stellar to create a stable coin for cross border transactions using the Stellar blockchain. The coin is designed to power cross-border transactions in more than 50 countries.

Stellar Lumens XLM Price Prediction 2020, 2025 3

Known as World Wire, the tech giant also targeted remittances by optimizing foreign exchange. Powered by the Stellar blockchain, World Wire was built to help firms offering international remittances overcome the shortcomings of the traditional financial sector.

Commenting on the partnership, IBM Blockchain’s General Manager, Marie Wieck, noted:

By creating a network where financial institutions support multiple digital assets, we expect to spur innovation and improve financial inclusion worldwide.

Based on the partnership, did money flow into XLM?

Stellar Lumens reacted to the partnership to gain 5 percent within 24 hours.

A day before the partnership was announced, the coin started the day trading at $0.1096, reached a high of $0.1097, a low of $0.1082 and closed the day changing hands at $0.1094. When the partnership was announced on March 18, 2019, XLM started the day at $0.1095, reached a high of $0.1180, a low of $0.1083, and closed at $0.1159. Between March 19 and March 22 the same year, Stellar Lumens opened trading at a price of between $0.1079 and $0.1161, reached highs of between $0.1102 and $0.1178 and closed at a price of between $0.1083 and $0.1114.

SHIFT Markets, Lightyear, and Stellar

In 2018, SHIFT Markets, a company targeting markets providing turn-key solutions to launch a brokerage or a crypto exchange, partnered with Lightyear to advance the adoption and integration of Stellar Lumens. SHIFT services more than 60 exchanges dealing in cryptocurrencies worldwide.

“This is an exciting partnership for us as many of our exchange clients would like to offer Lumens trading on their exchange,” said SHIFT’s CEO and founder.

“We are very excited to partner with SHIFT Markets to help expand the utility and reach of the Stellar blockchain network, ” noted Lighyear’s Director of Sales, Paul Arnautoff.

Did the partnership offer support to the XLM price?

Unfortunately, a look at the Stellar Lumens price behavior around mid-August when the partnership was reported shows no major sign of appreciation.

For instance, August 10, 2018, the coin reached a high of $0.2367. It hovered around this price for two days before appreciating to $0.2431 on August 13 and $0.2452 on August 18. However, on August 26, Stellar Lumens highest price was $0.2239.

Its market capitalization, however, dropped from $4.23 billion on August 10 to $4.03 billion on August 26.

Deloitte Stellar (XLM) partnership

In 2018, Deloitte, one of the leading global financial services firm, partnered with Stellar Lumens allowing the firm to provide low-cost and fast payment systems using the firm’s digital bank, Deloitte Digital Bank.

Transactions on Deloitte’s payment systems benefited from a speed of five seconds, significantly reducing the substantial wait times associated relying on traditional systems to send money around the world. The transactions would even take days to be complete. For instance, international transactions initiated from a modern bank would require between 2 and 7 days around the world before reaching its destination.

Did the partnership have a significance on Stellar Lumens price?

Being roughly two years old since launch, Stellar Lumens may not have been ready to celebrate such a tremendous partnership.

A look at its price range before and after the partnerships shows the price did not move as expected. The price of the coin dropped.

When the partnership was sealed in the early days of July 2016, Stellar Lumens was changing hands at a high of $0.0022. The price dropped at the better part of the first half of the month to record a high of $0.0018.

Stellar and Stripe

The partnership between Stellar and Stripe saw the traditional payment system company pump $3 million into the blockchain project.

The partnership would see Stripe add XLM as one of the payment options on its 100,000-businesses strong payment system.

Stripes’ investment of $3 million saw the Stellar foundation allocate 2 billion XLM coins. However, Stripe agreed to surrender any profits for each coin sold.

Later Stripe even hinted at dropping the king coin (Bitcoin) and support XLM.

Did XLM record a price increase before and or after the partnership?

On January 23, 2018, Stripe announced they might stop support of Bitcoin and favor Stellar Lumens. The next day, the price of the coin rose by 20 percent recording a 21.2 percent increase to trade at 58.96 cents.

On January 23, it traded at $0.4750, reached a high of $0.5183, and closed the day at $0.4862.

However, on the day of the announcement, January 24, Stellar Lumens started the day trading at $0.4865, reached a high of $0.5896, and closed the day at $0.5670.

On Jan 25, 26, 27, and 28, Stellar Lumens closed the day trading at $0.6083, $0.6339, $0.6130, and $0.6344 respectively before losing some ground to end the month changing hands at $0.5398.

Wanxiang Group and Stellar

With its interests spread across the financial sector, real estate, and automotive spheres, the group extended its wings to another industry, Cloud computing.

What’s more is that the newfound love brought on board BlockApps, Factom, and Stellar. With China known to have a firm stand on cryptocurrencies, the partnership helped find some droplets of hope.

Through WanCloud, Wanxiang brought Stellar abode to help in revolutionizing the Chinese blockchain sector using an open-source blockchain protocol.

Haifeng Xi, WanCloud’s CTO, noted:

WanCloud is a bridge between the global blockchain development community and China. We aim to connect China’s developers, startups, and traditional businesses.

Was the XLM price revolutionized?

Yes, but not to a considerable margin. The partnership happened around mid-May 2017. A look at the price between May 10 and May 21 reveals that Stellar Lumens did respond to the partnership. Even though in a small way.

On May 10, Stellar Lumens changed hands at a high of $0.0369. This price increased to trade at the range of $0.04 between May 11 and May 15. On May 16, the price of the coin spike again to reach a high of $0.0517 and $0.0543 on May 17. XLM kept the upward trend to trade at $0.0674 on May 21.

Other projects keeping Stellar alive with a possible impact on the future Lumens price


Concentrating on helping people living abroad to send money to family and friends back home, Tempo joined team Stellar Lumens in 2018 to reduce transaction fees on remittances.

Apart from fees, Tempo switched to using the Stellar protocol due to the platform’s fast transaction speed making international remittances to be near-instant.

Additionally, Tempo users were treated to a rare spectacle of being able to buy Stellar Lumens (XLM) directly from the Tempo app.

Sure Remit

This is another remittance platform relying on Stellar protocol’s power. Sure Remit trusts Stellar to power its RMT ecosystem. Stellar also hosts the remittance firm’s native token, RMT, in addition to providing low-cost transactions.

With Tempo having a considerable presence in Europe, Sure Remit is slowly cementing its presence in Africa. Sure Remit strives to provide a place where users can instantly pay bills and or send money to their families in Africa.


SatoshiPay branches from remittance into micro payments. The platform partnered with Stellar to enable website developers and owners to integrate non-invasive payments to users/readers.

The platform works to ethically force website users to pay a few cents before being allowed to interact with the websites’ content.

Stellar X

This is a decentralized virtual currency exchange that allows users to directly trade with each other when exchanging Bitcoin (BTC) for hard cash.

Besides, the decentralized crypto exchange enables its users to deposit, convert, or withdraw fiat or cryptocurrency. Users can also trade tokens for their native coin equivalents, or even deposit money into their bank accounts directly from the exchange.


Stellar and Wirex, a wallet service, signed a partnership to bring XLM to Wirex users. As such, Wirex Visa card holders were able to spend Stellar Lumens at over 40 million establishments around the globe.

Also, Wirex users could exchange XLM for other cryptos and fiat currencies, use SWIFT, Faster Payments, and SEPA to send XLM anywhere in the world.

For Wirex, the Stellar partnership is aimed at revolutionizing “payments, bank the unbanked, expand access to financial services, and facilitate the integration of the burgeoning token economy.”

Other projects powered by the Stellar protocol include Elliptic, Tangem, Curv, Cowrie, StellarGuard, Smartlands, Papaya, Solar Wallet, BitGo, and Pigzbe.

XLM price prediction 2020

With all the partnerships and an operating platform, Stellar Lumens (XLM) price has, as with any other virtual currency, experienced both mild and severe price fluctuations.

Stellar Lumens XLM Price Prediction 2020, 2025 4

Despite the cryptocurrency occupying position 13 on Coinmarketcap, its price has seen one of the worst drops from its all-time high in January 2018 of $0.744 to the current price of $0.069. Interestingly, the coin didn’t reach its climax during the December 2017 bull run that saw Bitcoin record highs of $20K.

During August, Stellar Lumens (XLM) has retraced against bitcoin. XLM has failed to move upwards similarly to other leading altcoins. However, according to  Tom Demark Sequential analysis, XLM/BTC pair is poised to recover in the next few days, after forming a “buy 9” candle.

The above-mentioned indicator has in the past few months successfully called for the XLM price action, fore-signaling the lows in three of the last four months.

The crypto is currently trading at $0.095 after dropping sharply from a high of $0.116 on August 16. TradingView analyst, MarketMinds, expects XLM to rally towards the $0.16 resistance zone after managing to maintain below the $0.08887 crucial support zone. As bearish patterns emerge, prices are currently at a low of $0.0700 as shown in the chart below:

Stellar Lumens XLM Price Prediction 2020, 2025 5

Should XLM investors make the best buy of the coin in 2020? Will the price of Lumens fall, rise, or stay stagnant all through 2020?

To answer these questions, we looked at popular Stellar Lumens forecasts based on historical data, technical analysis, and more.

#1 WalletInvestor puts a major warning to stellar Lumens investors. According to an analysis by the cryptocurrency price forecasting website, XLM will be changing hands at around $0.0165 by the time we hit Q4 of 2020.

The forecast depicts a massive drop from its May 2020 Stellar price prediction that stands at a minimum of $0.0694 by May 30 2020.

However, a prediction by WalletInvestor shows that the Stellar Lumens price may make it to a high of $0.0807 by the time we’re through with the month.

#2 LongForecast

A prediction by LongForecast puts the price of Stellar Lumens in 2020 at $0.028 as we approach the end of the year.

While the price maintains a relatively stable outlook of between $0.069 in May and $0.060 in November, Longforecasts puts the XLM price at $0.053 by December 2020.

#3 Crypto Rating

Despite a bearish outlook, Crypto Rating, based on its automatic forecast, puts a bullish face predicting that the XLM USD ratio by the end of 2020 will 1:0.462.

#4 AltPocket

This website has an even more bullish forecast. By the time we reach December 2020, the Stellar price will be hovering around $10.

#5 The Economy Forecast Agency

The agency is keen on making cryptocurrency price predictions for institutional/corporate investors.

A price analysis giving a forecast into 2020

A prediction by the website projects that XLM will trade at $0.64 in 2020.

#6 Crypto Ground

While trying to find the best ground for XLM price in 2020, this website predicts that the virtual currency is likely to reach a price of $0.1054 within one year.

#7 TradingBeasts

This website is not very optimistic concerning Stellar Lumens’ future growth in price. In 2020, for example, it has a forecast that the coin will be changing hands at $0.05 and $0.08 as we approach 2021.

To reach these predictions, TradingBeasts relies on historical data from cryptocurrency exchanges and employs linear and polynomial regressions.


Here, XLM investors find some hope, but not for those looking for mammoth gains. For instance, the website predicts that XLM will close the month at $0.1381, which is an improvement from its April forecast of $0.1153. DigitalCoinPrice expects that XLM‘s best month will be November. Here, the coin will experience its next best price of $0.1485 after the $0.1571, which it had to provide a forecast in January 2020.


This crypto price prediction website predicts an average price for Stellar Lumens to be 0.0659 USD in May 2020 with a possibility of reach 0.0560 USD and a high of 0.0758 USD.

#10 Coinpredictor and 30rates

A prediction by Coinpredictor foresees a Stellar price increase of 32.1 percent in May while 30rates predicts that Stellar Lumens price in May will range from $0.053 to $0.072. However, 30rates has not included weekends in its May 2020 predictions

#11 XLM 2020 price projection by Beincrypto

A cryptocurrency news website with occasional cryptocurrency price predictions, Beincrypto, has a bullish forecast.

A technical analysis shows a strong future growth.

A technical analysis by the website projects a price of $45 towards the end of 2020. The site’s analysis heavily focuses on Lumen’s past price range. Note that the XLM chart used by Beincrypto is based on the former price range of between January 2015 to the end of the first quarter of 2018 with a three-day step.

XLM price forecast 2023

A Stellar Lumens forecast on price in 2023 looks bearish with some predictions being bullish.

#1 Longforecast

This website predicts a gloomy 2023 for Lumens. Longforecast projects that XLM will start 2023 trading at an average of $0.018 with the possibility of getting as high as $0.019 or to a low of $0.017.

However, Longforecast’s analysis shows the price is bound to get better as we proceed into 2023. For instance, the XLM price in February 2023 will be at the range of $0.018 and $0.022. The best months for XLM in 2023 will be October, November, and December where the crypto will change hands at $0.044, $0.046, and $0.053 respectively.


Using historical data, DigitalCoinPrice has a relatively bullish outlook compared to LongForecast. In January 2023, the site predicts that the coin will be worth an average of $0.201. The website projects that the Stellar price will, in no small extent, increase throughout the year. Unfortunately, it will start dropping towards the last three months of 2023 to close the year at a price of $0.2071.

Stellar Lumens price prediction 2023

As per the forecast by DigitalCoinPdrice, the best months for Stellar in 2023 will be July, August, and September, when the coin will trade at $0.239, $0.249, and $0.247 respectively.

Stellar Lumen price prediction 2025

Some five-year XLM price predictions indicate that that the virtual currency will be changing hands at $0.2667 in 2025

For example, an XLM price forecast by Crypto Rating shows that Lumens will trade at an average of $0.06902 in 2025.

AltPocket XLM predictions put the price of XLM at $30 in 2025. This is probably one of the most bullish XLM prediction for the next five years.

Stellar price prediction by DigitalCoinPrice for 2025 shows that XLM will open the year trading at $0.2863.

XML price prediction 2025. A future growth is slow but sure

As per the prediction by DigitalCoinPrice, this price will rise in March 2025 to reach $0.3109. It will continue pivoting around this price until November 2025. Luckily, the price of XLM in December 2025 will rise to $0.3248.

Interestingly, there are some Stellar Lumens (XLM) 2023-2025 price predictions that project that the virtual currency has the likelihood of reaching a staggering $410 for each XLM coin.

For the coin to reach this milestone, based on the current price it needs to be the king of the international remittance market, overthrowing traditional cross-border remittance heavyweights such as Western Union. It will also need to dwarf Ripple (XRP) and other projects targeting to have a bite of the $682 global remittance market.

CryptoGround’s XLM 2025 price prediction puts the coin’s prices at $0.1054 with a possibility of reaching a high of $0.7422 before the end of 2025.

Also, forecasts that XLM will trade at and a regular price of $0.979, a low price of $0.83215, and a top of $1.1256 on January 1, 2025. However, the regular price will hover around $1 for the first half 2025 to reach $1.221 on June 3. During this period, XLM‘s top most price will be $1.4041 and its lowest price will roughly be $0.8.

Note that XLM price price projections by are done through deep learning processes employing technical analysis.

Coinlinker continues with the bullish projection putting the price of Stellar Lumens at $2.79 representing a 5,270 percent increase.

Long-term XLM price prediction (beyond 2025)

A few cryptocurrency price prediction websites are confident enough to forecast a future XLM price encouraging Stellar Lumens’ investors to hold on for more than five years from now as better days are coming.

For example, XLM‘s 2026 price forecast by predicts an average price of $0.3057 and a price of $1 in the year 2027.

Will XLM reach 1?

Considering that it has tested a high of $1 before, it will not be rocket science for Stellar Lumens to achieve this price again.

However, based on the above and the current XLM price, the cryptocurrency may find it hard to reach this milestone in 2020.

A realistic Stellar Lumens price forecast may put the price of the coin at $1 by 2025. CoinSwitch even predicts a price of $1.15 by in 2025.

Can XLM reach 100?

With cryptocurrencies, any price is possible. The only determinant is the strength of the market and the events surrounding a particular virtual currency.

For Stellar Lumens to reach a price as a high as $100, the cryptocurrency market has to also grow by 100 times.

While this is possible, it can never happen overnight neither can it happen within 1 or 3 years. It will take time.

Although some predictions put Stellar Lumen’s price at even above $100 in 5 years, the probability of this happening within this timeframe is minimal.

Is XLM a good investment 2020?

Some in the cryptocurrency community prefer to make a bet on the top cryptos like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), among others. What they do not know is smaller coins with low prices like XLM can have a higher ROI than the big ones.

Although the predictions have relatively small numbers for some to even take a second look, Stellar Lumens is a good investment in 2020. Being among the top 15 cryptocurrencies in the market today after only six years of existence means it’s well-positioned for greatness.

A look into the price of Stellar Lumens graph below indicates that XLM price found steadily bullish momentum with the recent Bitcoin $13k boom. If this continues along the predicted ascending trendline 31 degree angle, we may see XLM return to $0.1 by 2021.

Stellar Lumens XLM Price Prediction 2020, 2025 6

Is XML worth buying?

This question is best answered with, “does Stellar Lumens have a future?

A poll conducted by indicates that Stellar Lumens has 5.5/10 score on whether it’s a good coin to buy.

The XLM coin has a vibrant community support. It may propel its growth in the future

Its strongest pillars include its market capitalization, social following, citations on Twitter, and a rising search volume on Goggle.

Although some Stellar price prediction websites make investors prepare for a gloomy future for Stellar Lumens, the cryptocurrency project has some strong pillars that make it stand out in a crowded crypto market.

For example, the crypto is listed in virtually all leading virtual currency exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, and Coinbase. Apart from being listed, it is paired with major cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and stable coins. This includes BTC, USD, and USDT, respectively.

In addition, XLM is compatible with a wide range of crypto wallets easing how and when to access your digital wealth. Mobile crypto wallets are best suited to store XLM for those whose days are spent on the go.

But, appearing on popular crypto exchanges and supporting a wide range of wallets are not the only reasons to invest in Stellar Lumens.

Other reasons why XLM is a good investment include:

Low entry barrier

For the new entrants into the cryptocurrency world, Stellar pricing, at this point, offers a low entry point barrier in terms of price compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and the like.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) also offers a low entry point barrier to those looking to have a feel of how decentralized platforms achieve security, low latency, and trust.

Realistic promise

With the crypto market flooded with cryptos thriving on inflated technical whitepapers and overly ambitious plans to revolution something, Stellar sets itself apart by offering real-world use cases In the banking industry.

Stellar’s partnership with IBM and other firms with a global footprint cements Stellar Lumens vision and gives investors hope that the future can only be bright.

Stellar price moves with the market

A look at the XLM‘s price chart from the time it was launched to May 2020 reveals that the price conforms to both partnerships and general market movement.

This indicates that the Stellar price can only increase as the crypto market gets stronger with time.

Strong social following

Stellar Lumens is among the few blockchain projects that a sizeable following on major social media platforms.

On Facebook and Twitter, the project has over 18,000 and 200,000 followers, respectively.

Stellar is not restricted to the financial sector

While stellar is known mainly for its stab on the traditional financial sector, the blockchain project does more than just enable cross-border remittances.

The Stellar team sees a future in which the platform will be a one-stop for all blockchain needs.