X (Twitter) gains major advantage because of this


  • Zuckerberg introduced Threads to rival Twitter (X), initially gaining 44 million users.
  • Despite blunders by Musk on X, including visibility tweaks and a rise in ads, X remains dominant.
  • Threads’ pitch of being a peaceful alternative lacked the raw debate and drama that attracts users to X.

Mark Zuckerberg’s competitive punch seemed to land perfectly with the introduction of Threads. An immediate threat to Twitter, now dubbed “X”, Threads zoomed past with a staggering 44 million daily active users.

But, like many adrenaline-pumped stories, the dust settled, revealing Threads’ substantial user drop, dwindling to a mere 8 million. Yet, while Threads’ performance ebbed, X’s inherent nature has shielded it, highlighting an interesting dynamic of the social media landscape.

Why X Still Dominates Despite Threads’ Initial Promise

When Elon Musk took control of X, the platform went through a whirlwind of change. Critics argue Musk’s alterations leaned more towards blunders than calculated moves.

He tweaked visibility parameters, making it difficult to view tweets and share links. He played with an increase in ads and nurtured a fertile ground for bots. And let’s not forget the rather awkward rebranding.

Any other brand, given this whirlwind of seemingly poor decisions, would have gone under. Yet X, a platform radiating with bustling chatter and debates, remains unparalleled. The prospect of joining live conversations about ongoing events is irresistible.

Mastodon and Bluesky, alternative platforms, have intricate usage dynamics, and Clubhouse’s popularity vanished almost as quickly as it surfaced. X remains the behemoth, the irreplaceable titan of rapid-fire public discourse.

Threads, however, did promise a glimmer of hope. It was simple, straightforward, and had the Meta advantage. Backed with a strong integration with Instagram, it had the sheer numbers to bolster its promise.

The platform sold itself as a tranquil escape, devoid of aggressive dialogues or vitriolic disputes. But herein lay its primary fault.

Why Threads Couldn’t Surpass X: The Mystery Unraveled

Two critical elements have kept X at the forefront, despite Threads’ initial momentum. Firstly, the very toxicity from which Threads sought to distance itself is the adrenaline that powers X. People crave real, raw, and sometimes unrefined debates.

The essence of drama, conflict, and the occasional fiery interaction is exactly what draws users to X. While Threads might have been the cleaner air to breathe, sometimes, there’s a perverse satisfaction in inhaling the smog, isn’t there?

The second factor is plain old inertia. Social media platforms thrive on their user base. A significant user mass is like a magnet, drawing even more towards it.

Platforms like X aren’t just about personal connections; they are arenas for public discourse, resonating with the opinions of a perceived majority. This illusion of ‘everyone is here’ is tantalizing. How horrendous must X become before user dissatisfaction topples this inertia?

The future remains uncertain. Threads is still under development and might revamp itself to overthrow X as the primary app for those craving rich information.

On the other hand, there’s potential for an evolved ecosystem of platforms, catering to distinct user preferences – be it ideological inclinations or preferred intensity of drama.

For the time being, X remains on its throne, maybe a little battered and beaten up, but certainly undefeated. Threads, Bluesky, and the likes may throw their punches, but X’s inherent magnetism appears too robust to waver.

It’s a peculiar world where imperfections become the allure. Elon Musk’s moves, no matter how controversial, can’t yet deter a user base hooked on the very essence of the platform. One can only wonder what will.

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