World Mobile to deliver telecom services to Mozambique via balloons


  • World Movie has kickstarted a new project to deliver telecom service to Mozambique using an aerostat.
  • Decentralized networks and global expansion.

World Mobile, a blockchain-powered telecommunications company, has embarked on a groundbreaking project in Mozambique, partnering with Vodacom Mozambique to deploy a revolutionary technology – a tethered, lighter-than-air balloon known as an aerostat. This innovative approach to delivering internet and mobile services has the potential to reshape the telecommunications landscape in remote and underserved regions.

World Mobile recorded its first success in the project

The pilot project, initiated in November, marked a significant milestone on December 19 with the successful placement of the first call using the aerostat technology. Positioned 300 meters above the ground, the aerostat houses advanced telecom equipment capable of connecting up to 100,000 users. This pioneering aerostat, provided by a third party, is recognized as the world’s first commercial aerostat. Notably, it operates without a power source and provides connectivity at a rate comparable to high-speed fiber optics.

The blockchain company’s foray into Mozambique is not only a testament to its commitment to technological innovation but also a strategic move to address connectivity challenges in remote areas. Micky Watkins, the CEO of World Mobile, highlights the dual advantages of the technology – its cost-effectiveness compared to legacy telecom infrastructure and its rapid deployment capabilities. This makes it an ideal solution for regions where traditional infrastructure deployment is logistically challenging.

In collaboration with Vodacom Mozambique, a subsidiary of global telecom giant Vodafone, the blockchain company leverages both expertise and resources to ensure the success of this pioneering project. The provision of spectrum by Vodacom Mozambique further enhances the capabilities of the aerostat in delivering reliable and high-speed internet and mobile services. World Mobile’s innovative approach extends beyond Mozambique. In previous field tests conducted in Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria, the company utilized unused television spectrum and Starlink technology.

Decentralized networks and global expansion

Additionally, collaborations with IOHK on mesh networks in Tanzania showcase World Mobile’s commitment to exploring diverse technological avenues to address connectivity challenges across the African continent. The economic model adopted by World Mobile is equally innovative. Operators of its AirNodes technical equipment are rewarded with fiat currency, providing an incentive for efficient operation. Simultaneously, the blockchain company leverages blockchain technology, with node operators, stakers, and users participating in staking for discounted services earning World Mobile Tokens (WMT) through its decentralized physical infrastructure network on Cardano.

As part of its broader strategy, the blockchain company has launched its application on Google Play, targeting users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Tanzania, and Zanzibar. This move not only expands the company’s user base but also positions it as a global player in the telecommunications sector. In the evolving telecommunications landscape, competitors like Safaricom M-Pesa Mobile Financial Service are also making significant strides. Safaricom M-Pesa, having received a mobile money-service license in Ethiopia in May, is expanding its footprint beyond Kenya.

With its services available in nine other African countries, Safaricom M-Pesa continues to shape the mobile financial services sector. World Mobile’s venture into Mozambique with its innovative aerostat technology signifies a transformative leap in the telecommunications industry. The successful pilot project, in collaboration with Vodacom Mozambique, not only addresses immediate connectivity challenges but also positions the blockchain company as a key player in driving decentralized networks and pioneering telecommunications solutions in Africa and beyond.

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