Winklevoss Presents “Final Offer” in Genesis Crypto Bankruptcy Proceedings


  • Cameron Winklevoss, the co-founder of Gemini Trust Co., presents a “final offer” in the bankruptcy restructuring of Genesis Global Holdco, setting the minimum terms for creditors’ acceptance.
  • The proposal includes forbearance payments, two debt tranches, and a distribution plan for sale proceeds, aiming to resolve the complex proceedings.

In the ongoing bankruptcy restructuring of digital-asset lender Genesis Global Holdco, billionaire Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of Gemini Trust Co., has put forth what he calls a “best and final offer.” Winklevoss took to social media to share the proposal, emphasizing that it serves as the minimum acceptable terms for the creditors involved. With the deadline set for July 6, the offer aims to bring the protracted negotiations to a close. The proposal includes a forbearance payment, two debt tranches, and the allocation of sale proceeds. Notably, Gemini customers have significant stakes in the outcome, with approximately $900 million at stake.

Winklevoss’s “Final Offer” Sets the Stage for Resolution

Following extended discussions and court-appointed mediation talks, the bankruptcy restructuring of Genesis Global Holdco has entered a critical phase. Gemini’s Cameron Winklevoss has presented what he terms a “final offer” to facilitate a resolution to the complex bankruptcy proceedings. 

In an open letter addressed to Barry Silbert, the founder of Genesis’ parent company Digital Currency Group (DCG), Winklevoss underscored the importance of reaching an agreement promptly. The proposed terms outlined in the offer will serve as the baseline for creditors’ acceptance and signify a crucial step towards concluding the bankruptcy restructuring process.

The Details of Winklevoss’s Proposal

Winklevoss’s offer consists of three main components aimed at addressing the outstanding issues and meeting the needs of all parties involved. Firstly, it includes a $275 million forbearance payment to provide immediate relief and stability. This payment will serve as a crucial step towards resuming normal operations for Genesis Global Holdco. 

Secondly, the proposal outlines a $355 million debt tranche that will be due in two years, allowing for a manageable timeline for repayment. Finally, the offer includes an $835 million debt tranche that will become due in five years, providing a longer-term perspective for creditors and ensuring a sustainable path forward.

Additionally, under the proposed terms, DCG would retain the proceeds from the sale of Genesis Global Trading, while creditors would receive the funds generated from the disposal of all other Genesis companies. This distribution plan aims to maximize the recovery for creditors, addressing their claims as comprehensively as possible.

Gemini Customers’ Interests and the Importance of Swift Resolution

Among the stakeholders affected by the Genesis bankruptcy proceedings are hundreds of thousands of Gemini customers, with approximately $900 million locked in the Earn program. Through this program, customers lent their digital assets via Genesis to earn yields. However, withdrawals from the program were frozen in November, following the collapse of the FTX exchange. The January bankruptcy filing further revealed that the top 50 unsecured claims amounted to around $3.4 billion.

Given the substantial amount of funds at stake for Gemini customers, the resolution of the Genesis bankruptcy holds significant importance. Winklevoss emphasized that Gemini is eager to work with the Genesis Special Committee to conclude the mediation process successfully and move forward with the bankruptcy restructuring. The proposed offer aims to provide a fair resolution for all parties involved, facilitating the release of locked assets and allowing customers to regain access to their holdings.


Cameron Winklevoss’s “final offer” in the Genesis Global Holdco bankruptcy restructuring marks a critical milestone in the resolution of the complex proceedings. With the proposed terms outlined, creditors and stakeholders now have a clear basis for negotiation and acceptance. The offer includes forbearance payments and two debt tranches, ensuring stability and a manageable timeline for repayment. Furthermore, the distribution of sale proceeds will maximize the recovery for creditors.

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