White House to Discover the if Open Source AI is Better


  • The White House invites public opinions on whether AI should be open or closed. 
  • It aims to balance innovation with security through input from all sectors. 
  • Recommendations on managing AI’s risks and benefits are due by July, guided by broad public and expert engagement.

In a bold move, the White House is diving into the heated debate over the future of artificial intelligence (AI). The question at hand: Should AI systems be open to the public or kept under wraps?

The administration is now calling for public input on the matter. This step is part of a larger action plan initiated by President Joe Biden in October. It’s aimed at steering the rapid progress of AI technologies in a responsible direction.

The divide in tech

The tech world is split on how open AI models should be. Giants like Meta Platforms and IBM push for openness, highlighting the need for accessible science to fuel innovation and support newcomers. On the other side, some voice concerns over the risks of making AI too accessible.

Central to the discussion are dual-use foundation models, essentially AI systems that can serve multiple purposes. These models, and particularly their “weights” — the values that dictate their behavior — are under scrutiny. Public access to these weights could unlock innovation but also poses security threats, such as the potential dismantling of built-in safety measures.

The White House call for ideas

The aim is to strike a balance. By July, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo is expected to deliver a set of recommendations that navigates the fine line between fostering innovation and ensuring security.

To aid in this mission, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is opening a 30-day window for comments. This initiative is not just about choosing between black and white but exploring the shades in between to find a solution that serves both progress and protection.

This move by the White House marks a crucial step in the ongoing dialogue surrounding AI. It’s a call to action for experts, industry leaders, and the public to contribute their insights towards shaping the future of AI governance. The goal is to harness the potential of AI while safeguarding against its risks.

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