What’s at the Heart of the 3air Platform?

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A trusted digital identity is at the heart of securing any online transaction. Authentication and authorization decisions that happen on the blockchain are reliable because of the blockchain’s unique infallibility. For that reason, the heart of the 3air platform is the blockchain on which the whole platform is built.

While traditional identities issued by institutions (like ID cards and driver’s licenses) are local, inflexible, and vulnerable to loss and expiration, digital identities are the exact opposite. Digital identities are stored permanently on the blockchain, can be instantly verified anywhere in the world, and cannot be counterfeited. 

Why is it essential to have a safe digital identity?

So far, blockchain technology has managed to surmount innumerable obstacles. However, one of the latest dilemmas faced by this revolutionary technology calls for a review of its initial stance on anonymity. Seeing in hindsight that unidentifiable payments have mostly served criminal agendas, the trending belief is that integrating digital identities into Web3 is a crucial step towards a mature market and is inevitable if increased adoption is to occur. 

Since tokens are the primary cells of life in the blockchain, identity too will have to be tokenized to function in this environment. A recent paper co-published by Ethereum’s wunderkind Vitalik Buterin, toyed with the idea of a token that will bear blockchain users’ identity, commitments, and credentials; encoding trust networks resembling the real economy to establish user history and reputation.

In effect, Web3 users would be able to access various traditional services via the blockchain, such as finance, health care, education, and more.

What does the Skale blockchain accomplish for 3air?

3air is positioned right at the cutting edge of innovation in the Web3 space. It is already undergoing rigorous research and development of a blockchain-based ecosystem that offers digital identities as the primary offering, along with other telecommunication and security solutions. 

The secure, sturdy environment Skale’s blockchain provides is the ideal base for this project. Skale is a layer-1 solution with features that allow an unlimited number of Ethereum-enabled blockchains to operate on top of it. The on-chain implementations of the 3air platform will park itself neatly on Skale’s designer lot.

3air chose Skale because it’s the network that has all the firepower and infrastructure necessary to bring their vision to life. Between Skale’s compatibility with Ethereum native decentralized applications and assets and fast transaction speed, 3air has zero doubts and complete confidence in their decision. 

How does the blockchain catalyze the arrival of Africa on the global economic stage?

Despite the crippled economic conditions in several African regions, especially in terms of access to high-speed internet connectivity, the willingness of certain African countries to participate in emerging technology such as blockchain, signals cause for hope. Many believe that the disruptive nature of blockchain technology will serve as one of the critical rescue ropes used to pull the underprivileged out from their depths. 

3air is utilizing the versatile potential of blockchain technology to provide services that will boost economic activity in these underserved areas while increasing productivity. It is setting up a campaign through its strategic partnerships to make certain that the resources and services available to African outfits measure up to Western standards. Naturally, this will have a substantial positive impact on the economies of emergent African countries. 

3air has made arrangements with K3, a broadband infrastructure provider, to install their technology in areas with challenging topography, and draws on the support of Skale blockchain to provide an ecosystem that allows for a catalog of financial opportunities. 


Powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology shaped to change the world, 3air is on the highway to success with more than enough fuel to reach its lofty goals and beyond.

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