Here is what Putin thinks about US dollar’s downfall


  • Putin denies Russia’s involvement in the de-dollarization of the global economy.
  • The Russian President links currency dominance to the issuing country’s economic strength.
  • Putin expresses concern over the weaponization of the US dollar in international politics.
  • He observes a shift towards transactions in national currencies, like the yuan and Arab currencies.

With the currents of global finance ebbing and flowing, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently weighed in on the declining dominance of the US dollar.

Putin’s comments, far from celebratory, instead emphasized Russia’s neutrality in the ongoing currency transition. Highlighting international trends, he noted these could be contributing to a potential end to the dollar’s reign.

Putin’s insight into global currency dynamics

In a recent economic forum, Putin addressed questions about the diminishing strength of the US dollar and potential de-dollarization. He vehemently denied allegations of Russia capitalizing on its strained relationship with the US to hasten the dollar’s downfall.

Putin clarified Russia neither harbors any intent to de-dollarize its economy, nor wishes to influence global de-dollarization. He attributed the prominence of any currency on the world stage to the economic power of the country that issues it.

Nevertheless, Putin pointed out that the Chinese economy, in terms of purchasing power parity, now surpasses the US economy. He emphasized that the US still commands a formidable economy, attributing this achievement to the talent and capabilities of the American people.

However, he criticized the current US leadership for squandering the trust of the American people and the global community, which he sees as contributing to the dollar’s decline.

Weaponization of the dollar and its global implications

Putin expressed concern about the US government’s use of the dollar as a tool in geopolitical power plays. Such tactics, he argues, cast doubt on the currency’s reliability in global trade and as a reserve currency.

His sentiments resonate with the worries expressed by various individuals, including US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who acknowledged the risk of weaponizing financial sanctions that could erode the dollar’s global dominance.

Putin pointed out a gradual decline in the reliance on the US dollar among large economies, with reserves in dollars dropping yearly. International transactions in dollars and euros are on the decrease, while those in national currencies, like the yuan and some Arab currencies, are on the rise.

This shift towards national currencies is becoming more apparent in Latin America, the Arab world, and Asia. Even oil-producing Arab nations are now considering trading oil in yuan instead of dollars.

Putin emphasized Russia’s neutrality in these trends, saying they have “absolutely nothing to do with it.”

A new currency era on the horizon?

If these trends gather momentum and non-dollar exchanges proliferate in oil and gas trades, Putin warns this could signal the dollar’s demise.

He chastised the American political elites for undermining the trust of the American people, leading to the very consequences that threaten the dollar’s hegemony.

Putin predicts a multipolar trend in the currency landscape, warning that countries not adapting to this change might find themselves at a disadvantage.

While the future remains uncertain, one thing is clear – Putin’s comments have further stoked the ongoing debate on the future of the US dollar in the global economy.

As the financial world watches these developments unfold, the fate of the US dollar and its impact on the world economy continues to be a subject of intense scrutiny.

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