Whale loses $50k in minutes due to fake Bitcoin ETF news


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  • A cryptocurrency whale incurred a $49,000 loss within ten minutes due to reactionary trading sparked by false Bitcoin Spot ETF news.
  • The misleading information disseminated by Cointelegraph, falsely indicated the SEC’s approval of a Bitcoin ETF, leading to a brief market frenzy.
  • After BlackRock debunked the false report, Bitcoin’s value experienced a sharp decline, emphasizing the significant influence of news on market behavior.

A significant misstep cost a cryptocurrency whale nearly $50,000 after falling victim to fake news regarding a Bitcoin Spot ETF. The investor hastily bought 20.5 Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) for 613,201 USDC, only to sell at a loss of 563,970 USDC. This financial blunder occurred within a mere ten-minute window, highlighting the volatility and sensitivity of the crypto market to news, even when unverified.

Cointelegraph, a prominent source in the crypto news space, erroneously reported the SEC’s approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF. Consequently, this information set off a buying frenzy among investors, pushing Bitcoin’s price to an impressive $30,000. However, the bubble burst when BlackRock clarified that the news was false, causing the value to dip to $28,000.

The market’s frantic reaction underscores the influence of FOMO – the fear of missing out. Investors, driven by the urgency to capitalize on what appeared to be lucrative news, faced substantial financial repercussions. Such rapid shifts signify the market’s speculative nature and the enormous impact of news on investor behavior.

This incident, detailed by Look On-Chain, illustrates the risks tied to reactive trading in the cryptocurrency realm. The whale’s quick decision to invest heavily in WBTC, prompted by the false news, backfired significantly. Moreover, the rapid loss of $49,000 showcases the harsh reality of hasty, uninformed investment decisions. It serves as a reminder of the need for comprehensive analysis and the dangers of reliance on unconfirmed news.

Besides the immediate financial loss, this episode highlights deeper issues in the crypto news industry. The spread of misinformation is not just a trivial occurrence but a significant disruptor with the potential to unsettle markets. It emphasizes news outlets’ need to uphold stringent fact-checking protocols to maintain credibility.

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