WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar eyes Blockchain as the future of Hollywood

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  • Blockchain technology continues to become more relevant in the entertainment industry.
  • The departing CEO of WarnerMedia terms blockchain the future of Hollywood.
  • Hollywood continues to explore opportunities in the NFT sector.

The concept of blockchain technology is gaining more traction in the consumer sector. Almost every sector and industry is utilizing the concept to make their networks and ecosystems more efficient. Be it in the sports industry or the entertainment sector; blockchain is becoming a global phenomenon. It is evident that the modern world is entering a new era of digitization and modernization.

Several experts and influential personalities are also acknowledging the rise of blockchain technology. Most recently, Jason Kilar from the WarnerMedia Group has stated that blockchain is the future of Hollywood. The CEO of the famous media house has stated that the concept of blockchain is bound to revolutionize the entertainment world in the coming years.

WarnerMedia CEO prepares to bid farewell to the organization

Jason Kilar has been the brains behind WarnerMedia for over a couple of years now. Under his leadership, the company fought against the challenges brought about by the global pandemic. The organization has earned a huge name for itself in the entertainment world. However, the CEO of the company has decided that it is high time for him to move on.

Kilar will be leaving the company soon though his future plans are still not disclosed. He is eyeing new opportunities in the overlapping fields of technology and storytelling. Nonetheless, the tech executive is not retiring any time soon. On the other hand, WarnerMedia Group is finalizing a merger deal with Discovery Inc. It is expected that the deal will be finalized by the end of this month.

Moreover, Kilar has passed encouraging comments on the growing relevance of Blockchain in Hollywood. Being a veteran in the industry, he has spent a long time in Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Thus, his comments outline the future of the entertainment sector. He believes that blockchain can be helpful in keeping the track of transactions on different platforms and networks. This can revolutionize the entertainment business in the longer run.

Hollywood and NFTs – a bond for the ages.

Since the inception of NFTs, the digital world has become more relevant to the entertainment fraternity. According to Kilar, digital collectibles like NFTs are bringing about a major change in the world of entertainment. He believes that these digital collectibles have the capacity to bring a revolutionary change as the DVDs did for Hollywood in the 1990s.

DVDs were a major breakthrough for the entertainment industry. Similarly, Kilar also noted that DVDs boosted the growth of several companies, including WarnerMedia. Therefore, he believes that blockchain and digital collectibles can do the same by changing the world of finances. Jason Kilar is known for bringing changes and technological innovation to the world of entertainment. His contributions are evident in his illustrious career.

The contributions of Kilar to the growth of Hulu are proof of how he revolutionized the entertainment field through the years. He also gave birth to a subscription video service of his own in 2016 by the name of Vessel. Later, he joined WarnerMedia during the rise of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Under extraordinarily challenging circumstances, Kilar took steps that led to the rise of WarnerMedia.

He started premiering new films in theaters and on HBO Max on the same day during this time. The unconventional experiment proved to be a significant breakthrough for the company under testing times, adding 73.80 million subscribers to HBO Max and HBO Cable TV.

In his leadership, Kilar has always stayed open to the idea of incorporating new technologies and features. This is why he has developed a positive attitude towards blockchain, digital collectibles, and NFTs. His remarks show that the blockchain world is gradually overtaking the entertainment sector. Thus, a wave of change might be on its way in the coming times.

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