Chicago witnesses good share in Bitcoin Futures trading

The recent decision of Chicago Board Options Exchange’s (CBOE) to eliminate Bitcoin futures from the list made the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) step into the matter. CBOE is a United States based options exchange. In 2014, its yearly tradings were estimated to be around one point two seven billion (1.27 billion) contracts.

CBOE supports two thousand and two hundred (2,200) companies, about twenty-two (22) stock lists, and one hundred and forty (140) exchange-traded funds. CME took matters into its own hands and on 4rth of April traded five hundred and sixty-three million dollars ($563 million).

The involvement of a major stock exchange in the crypto space is only going to help it be it in liquidity rates or in making the space stable.

Messari Crypto a cryptocurrency research company and it has stated that CME has helped increase the market volume for BTC futures tradings. CME has not gone into the details of tradings it carried out but calculations suggest that over twenty-two point five four (22,542) tradings took place and over five hundred million dollars ($500 million) were traded.

CME has shown a lot of optimism for Bitcoin futures and has launched micro e-mini for trading it as well. The tradings will start in May 2019. Micro e-mini is more improved and better than others of its type. By launching micro e-mini the market for BTC futures is thriving and flourishing more than ever.

This suggests that CBOE’s decision is going to have little to no effect on BTC futures. As the market momentum increases more and better instruments will be needed to prevent volatility issues and risks.