Vietnam Ascends in Global AI Readiness Rankings


  • Vietnam ranks 39th globally in AI readiness according to a 2023 report, showing significant progress.
  • The country has set ambitious goals to be among the top in ASEAN and globally in AI by 2030.
  • A national strategy focuses on AI research, development, and application across various sectors.

Vietnam has advanced significantly technologically, ranking 39th out of 193 countries in the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) readiness rating. The esteemed UK think tank Oxford Insights highlights this viewpoint in its 2023 study. This accomplishment highlights Vietnam’s quick success in incorporating AI technologies into its agenda for national development.

Vietnam’s remarkable leap in AI readiness

Vietnam’s commendable position in the AI readiness index is a testament to its commitment to embracing AI technologies. With a score of 54.48, Vietnam not only surpasses the East Asia average of 51.41 but also secures the 9th place within the region. This performance is indicative of Vietnam’s robust strategy and initiatives toward becoming a key player in the AI domain.

The country’s AI readiness is a reflection of its national strategy, which was put into motion on January 26, 2021, by the Prime Minister. The directive outlines a comprehensive roadmap for research, development, and application of AI technologies up to 2030. Since the announcement, there has been a noticeable acceleration in the deployment of AI across various sectors, signaling Vietnam’s serious commitment to harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence.

Vietnam’s strategic vision for AI

Vietnam’s ambitions do not stop at its current achievements. By 2030, the nation aims to position itself among the top four countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and within the top 50 globally in terms of AI research, development, and application. This goal reflects a broader vision to establish Vietnam as a center of innovation and technological advancement in the region and beyond.

Part of this strategic vision includes creating high-performing national data and computing centers and trademarking 10 AI technologies. These objectives are designed to build a solid infrastructure and intellectual property portfolio that will support the country’s AI ecosystem and contribute to its competitiveness on the global stage.

Implications and future directions

Vietnam’s impressive ranking and ambitious AI strategy have significant economic and social development implications. By investing in AI, Vietnam is enhancing its technological capabilities and positioning itself as a destination for investment and innovation in the region.

The government’s proactive approach to developing and implementing a national AI strategy demonstrates a clear understanding of the transformative power of technology. As AI continues to evolve, Vietnam’s commitment to staying at the forefront promises to yield substantial benefits for its economy and people.

Vietnam’s remarkable performance in the global AI readiness index clearly indicates its potential to become a leader in artificial intelligence. Through strategic planning, investment, and implementation, Vietnam is paving the way for a future where technology drives growth and innovation. As the country progresses towards its ambitious 2030 goals, the world will watch closely how Vietnam leverages AI to achieve its development objectives and reshape its place in the global technological landscape.

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