AI Streamers Break Sales Records in Vietnam’s Livestream Event


  • Virtual streamers on TikTok Shop redefine e-commerce in Vietnam, breaking records with 900+ orders in 18 hours.
  • Aeyes Global’s AI livestreaming technology transforms online sales, offering lifelike interactions and localized voices.
  • The rise of AI streamers marks a significant trend in e-commerce, promising 24/7 engagement and cost efficiency.

Aeyes Global Company, a leader in cutting-edge technology, showcased the future of livestream sales at the “Ho Chi Minh City Shoppertainment Festival 2023 – Ben Thanh Heritage Market.” Collaborating with various local institutions, Aeyes Global introduced virtual streamers on the TikTok Shop platform, and the results were nothing short of remarkable. In just 18 hours of livestreaming, these AI-driven virtual streamers secured over 900 orders, captivated 600 buyers and generated sales figures exceeding hundreds of millions of Vietnamese dong.

A leap forward: Virtual streamers on TikTok shop platform

Aeyes Global Company seamlessly integrated “virtual streamers” into their livestreams on the TikTok Shop platform, effectively becoming the first to introduce this groundbreaking sales technology in Vietnam. Their primary objective was to boost sales, increase revenue, and amplify brand recognition for local small businesses by showcasing their products through AI-driven virtual streamers.

A record-breaking success

The introduction of virtual streamers proved to be an instant hit, garnering millions of views during livestream sessions. Users were particularly impressed by the interactive capabilities of these AI streamers. Notably, during a live session featuring RangFarm products, a virtual streamer successfully closed nearly 300 orders. Other local products like Guta coffee and MCFood also saw substantial order quantities during livestream sessions powered by this advanced sales technology.

Revolutionary features of Aeyes Global’s AI livestreaming solution

Aeyes Global’s booth at the event became a hub of interest for attendees eager to explore the capabilities of AI streamers. The company’s innovative technology offers lifelike digital human images, intelligent language capabilities equipped with text-to-speech voice technology, and authentic voices that incorporate local accents and emotions. This unique blend of features ensures that each “virtual streamer” reflects the genuine appearance, language, and voice suitable for their product category. Attendees had the opportunity to directly scan purchase codes for products featured in live sessions by virtual streamers, streamlining the shopping experience.

The rising trend: AI streamers in livestream broadcasts

The adoption of AI streamers in livestream broadcasts represents a significant trend in the world of e-commerce. This innovation offers various advantages, including optimized operating costs, automated creativity, and the ability to provide 24/7 multi-platform livestreaming. Aeyes Global is at the forefront of this revolution, providing the first-of-its-kind “Virtual Streamer” technology in Vietnam. This technology simplifies automated sales on e-commerce platforms, ensuring continuous operation, intelligent learning, and personalized customer interaction.

The future of livestream sales in Vietnam

The successful debut of AI-driven virtual streamers on the TikTok Shop platform at the “Ho Chi Minh City Shoppertainment Festival 2023” is a promising sign of what the future holds for livestream sales in Vietnam. With the ability to reach a broad audience, engage buyers in real-time, and drive sales, it’s clear that this technology has immense potential for businesses, especially small enterprises looking to expand their online presence.

Aeyes Global Company’s introduction of AI streamers at the “Ho Chi Minh City Shoppertainment Festival 2023” has set a new standard for livestream sales in Vietnam. With record-breaking sales figures, enhanced customer engagement, and a simplified shopping experience, the use of virtual streamers powered by AI is undoubtedly a game-changer for e-commerce. As the trend continues to gain momentum, it will be interesting to see how other businesses and industries in Vietnam adapt to this transformative technology, opening up new opportunities for growth and innovation in the digital landscape.

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