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Blockchain technology, in itself, is already making waves, with new developments emerging by the day. A fusion with augmented and virtual reality can only mean more excitement in the blockchain space. VIBEHub is pioneering this development and aims to build a scalable ecosystem that offers several revolutionary features.

This piece provides details about VIBEHub, its features, native token, past price performance, technical analysis, and price forecast. Let’s get into it.

What is VIBE?

VIBE or VIBEHub, founded by Alessio Mack, is a crypto-based VR and AR marketplace or hub built on the layer-2 solution VIBENet – a side chain that’s scalable across multiple blockchains and enables instant and fast-paced transactions with zero gas fees. VIBENet boasts security, speed, and transparency, and it supports NEO, LINK, ETH, and VIBE.

The VIBE ecosystem enables educators, creatives, instructors, artists, and other users to reach a much broader and distant audience in one virtual reality (VR) stream. Furthermore, the platform allows astronomically monetizing content based on AR and VR technology via holoportation technology (holograms) or Volumetric Video Technology (VVT) and digital assets. 

Although VVT is an emerging technology, holograms are expected to become more immersive and realistic as it advances. Innovations in the ecosystem aim at creating NexGen NFTs and revolutionizing gaming via blockchain for developers and end-users by setting new standards. The virtual reality (VR) experience offered by VIBEHub is poised to make the network a pacesetter in the combination of blockchain and VR technology in the coming years. 

The VIBEHub network utilizes an entirely decentralized and secure Ethereum-based (ERC-20) token, VIBE. This token has a fixed supply, and it powers the ecosystem. It is typically used to purchase virtual goods and services on the network.

VIBE Overview and Price Change

VIB Overview
CoinSymbolPriceMarketcapChangeLast 24hSupplyVolume (24h)
VIBE$ 0.006342$ 1.19 M29.68%187.13 M$ 4.84 K

Features of the VIBEHub ecosystem

  • VIBE NFT’s: Non-Fungible Tokens in this ecosystem are unique virtual collectibles that range from photorealistic 3-dimensional models to game assets. They offer risk-free purchasing opportunities for newbies and VIBE-backed (as collateral).  
  • AUCTIONS: The VIBE ecosystem features a price discovery NFT auction mechanism, otherwise known as open ascending auctions, where the bidder with the highest price wins the NFT’s. The auctioned VIBE NFT’s can be traded, bought, or sold on the ecosystem’s marketplace. 
  • VIBENET DAPPS: Several dApps leverage the network, including VIBE OR DIE, a crypto FPS game. A distinct feature of this ecosystem is that all the applications integrated on the network, including mobile augmented reality (AR) Apps and gaming dApps support a variety of digital coins.
  • GAME NODES: This feature incentivizes the sponsoring of game nodes in the ecosystem. Usually, sponsors of game nodes earn half of the transaction fees generated by their nodes.
  • VIBE SDK: This is an all-in-one tool kit for individual and enterprise game developers who seek safe, swift, and gas fee-free transactions for NEO, ETH, LINK, BTC, and VIBE.
  • VIBE VIRTUAL SECURE WALLET: This wallet stores any virtual asset integrated on the reliable, completely transparent, and secure VIBENet.

VIBE price prediction and historical data

According to Coinmarketcap, the market value of VIBE kicked off at USD 0.04968 after its public launch in 2017. The asset enjoyed an uptrend over the next few days as it reached a market price of USD 0.08121 on September 29, 2017, and a day high of USD 0.1764 on October 6, 2017. VIBE lost momentum in the following days but soon recovered and ended 2017 on a high, with a maximum market price of $0.242 in December.

VIBE Price Prediction 2022 - 2025 1

CoinMarketCap data

In 2018, the coin experienced a price retracement but soon recovered to attain its current all-time high of $2.70 on January 10, 2018. A price reversal followed in the coming days and months, as the coin’s value fell below $1 on January 27. The bearish price trend continued till the end of 2018, as VIBE closed the year at USD 0.02766. 

In 2019, VIBE traded between USD 0.01 and USD 0.066, and in 2020, the value of the cryptocurrency ranged between a minimum price of USD 0.004229 and a maximum price of USD 0.02976 – reflecting a further VIBE price fall. On February 13, 2021, VIBE hit its current all-time low of USD 0.001886. The development in the ecosystem, coupled with the crypto price lush in the first few months of this year, drove the price of VIBE upward till it reached $0.1053 at the end of March.

A price reversal followed suit in the coming months, and at the time of writing, the current price of VIBE was USD 0.078, a 39.51% price rise in 24 hours. Also, the 24-hour trading volume of VIBE increased by over 32.26% to USD 220,074.16, and its market cap is USD 20,332,656.51.

As a potential VIBE investor, you’re most likely pondering on the prospects of the crypto-based on its historical price data. Is this worth the investment? Does it have a future? Where to buy it? 

Not to worry, here are our expert technical analysis and VIBE price predictions based on popular crypto market indicators. Although it is impossible to predict the occurrences in the cryptocurrency market 100%, this well-researched VIBE price forecast could set you on the right track.

VIBE price predictions by TradingBeasts


According to TradingBeasts, VIBE is predicted to attain a maximum price of $0.1223374 by December 2022. Also, its minimum forecast price is $0.1223374, and the average price is $0.0978699.

VIBE Price Prediction 2022 - 2025 2

Price prediction forecast by TradingBeast

TradingBeasts predicted that VIBE will attain a maximum price of $0.1349749 by December 2021. Also, its minimum forecast price is $0.0917829, and the average price is $0.1079799.

VIBE price forecast by Wallet Investor

According to the VIBE price prediction chart from WalletInvestor, the short-term price target for VIBE is positive, with its value expected to trade above the $0.2 mark over 14 days. For investors looking to take profit in the short term, VIBE could be a good pick.

VIBE Price Prediction 2022 - 2025 3

Vibe Price prediction short-term chart from WalletInvestor

In the long run, VIBE is predicted to kickstart 2022 on a high, with prices trading above $0.1, as seen on the chart below. However, a price reversal is expected to follow till the end of the year, with spikes in-between. Investors may have to watch the trends closely if they are interested in long-term VIBE profits.

VIBE Price Prediction 2022 - 2025 4

Long-term Vibe price prediction chart from WalletInvestor

VIBE price prediction by Digital Coin Price

The VIBE price prediction from DigitalCoinPrice is quite optimistic, with uptrends expected in the long run. In addition, indicators such as RSI, MACD, SMA, EMA, etc., utilized for their technical analysis points at a strong buy.

Price change Vibehub Forecast

Price change Vibehub Forecast

As seen in the prediction tabular data below, the average price forecast for 2022 is $0.1367 a huge increase from the previous year. DigitalCoinPrice expects VIBE to continue on a bullish run in the future with a market forecast price of $0.1604948492 in 2023, $0.2026905660 in 2024, and $0.2423656725 by 2025.

VIBE price prediction 2022

VIBE Price Prediction 2022 - 2025 5Vibe price fall/rise forecast from DigitalCoinPrice

Based on history of the price of VIBE coin, it performed better in the short term than in the long term. Significant price uptrends can be observed between short periods and then a reversal. As seen in the VIBE price forecast from Wallet Investor, the value of the asset spikes at the start of 2022, then bottoms till the end of the year. 

However, DigitalCoinPrice thinks otherwise, with prices expected to reach $0.1367967027. A careful look at the trends will be required.

VIBE price prediction 2023

The future developments in the VIBEHub ecosystem, starting from 2022 are still undisclosed, and this could significantly affect the market value of its native coin. If the developments on the network drive its widespread adoption, VIBE could find more use cases, and consequently, experience an uptrend up that will attain a Vibe price equal to $0.1604948492.

VIBE price prediction 2024

According to our price forecast, VIBE could reach up to $0.2026905660 by 2024, provided investor sentiments continue to favor the coin. 

VIBE coin price prediction 2025

By 2025, VIBE is expected to trade above the $0.2423656725 mark. In other words, VIBE offers long-term earning potential. 


VIBEHub is an exciting project, and further groundbreaking developments could see its token – VIBE – soar in value, gain popularity, and more use cases in the future.  

However, the VIBE price predictions above are antithetical, further bolstering the fact that there is no consensus on the future price actions of VIBE or any asset at all. Furthermore, this price forecast must not be considered investment advice; before you invest in this crypto, ensure that you do your research.


What is the current price of VIBE Coin?

VIBE’s current price equals USD 0.0784031469, a 40% increase in price over the past 24 hours. Also, this coin has a market cap of $19,974,485.29.

Is VIBE coin a profitable investment?

Going by the VIBE price predictions, it will be profitable in the short term, and with further expansions expected in its ecosystem, it could be a good investment choice for the future.

Is VIBE Cryptocurrency ERC-20 based?

It operates on the Ethereum network; hence, it is an ERC 20 token.

Where to buy VIBE?

VIBE can be purchased on Uniswap (V2) and HitBTC. The former features a WETH/VIBE trading pair, while the latter offers a VIBE/BTC pair.

When will VIBE’s price drop?

There is no accurate crypto market analysis that can forecast when or how far the price of VIBE will fall. Experts can only engage indicators to make predictions. An exception would be when positive or negative announcements are made; both scenarios could potentially drive the price of any asset.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.
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