Valkyrie focuses on ETH futures amid SEC’s BTC ETF delays

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  • Valkyrie plans to offer Ether futures to U.S. investors via its Bitcoin Strategy ETF.
  • From October 3rd, the fund’s name will change to the Valkyrie Bitcoin and Ether Strategy ETF.
  • While waiting for the SEC’s decision on Ether futures ETF listing, Valkyrie diversifies its approach.

Amid the tiresome tango between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and crypto enthusiasts waiting for a clear green light on Bitcoin ETFs, Valkyrie chooses not to put all its eggs in one basket.

The asset management firm reveals a forward-thinking strategy to incorporate Ether futures into its portfolio for U.S. investors, leveraging its Bitcoin Strategy ETF as the vehicle for this maneuver.

Pioneering a Dual-Thrust Strategy

Valkyrie seems to understand the age-old wisdom: in the world of investing, diversification is king. With this move, they’ve set the stage to offer investors a taste of both Ether and Bitcoin futures, bundled together elegantly.

This audacious shift will occur starting October 3rd, under the rebranded moniker: Valkyrie Bitcoin and Ether Strategy ETF.

While many eagerly anticipate the SEC’s move to greenlight the listing of a novel Ether futures ETF on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, the commission, in its typical fashion, has remained tight-lipped.

The only discernible action from the regulatory body has been an “additional analysis” order on the Valkyrie Bitcoin Fund — a separate entity concerning a spot BTC ETF.

Ether Futures Amid Political Uncertainty

Further intriguing is Bloomberg Intelligence analyst James Seyffart’s hypothesis, suggesting the rollout of Ether futures ETFs in early October. This conjecture partly hinges on the potential U.S. government shutdown.

Now, if Congress remains indecisive on the next fiscal year’s budget bill and President Joe Biden doesn’t give his signature by September 30, it could leave the SEC, along with several federal departments, operating with a bare-bones team.

That’s a scenario Valkyrie likely wants to stay ahead of. Historically, the SEC has not shown any favor towards spot crypto ETFs for U.S trading.

Yet, recent winds of change suggest a potential shift in this rigid stance, especially after Grayscale Investments clinched a review of its spot BTC ETF in the courts.

While Valkyrie strategically diversifies its crypto offerings, it’s noteworthy that they’re not the only player on the field. Giants like BlackRock wait in the wings with their applications for spot crypto ETFs. It’s a high stakes game and Valkyrie, instead of waiting on the sidelines, is making proactive moves.

Digging Deeper Into Valkyrie’s Playbook

Valkyrie’s announcement comes on the heels of their August 16 application to the SEC. Instead of a straightforward investment in Ether, the firm proposed an indirect route via ETH futures contracts. This may be seen as a cunning strategy, providing a protective buffer in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, the firm isn’t new to innovative products. They’ve previously launched a Bitcoin Miners ETF, which zeroes in on firms that anchor their profits and revenue streams in cryptocurrency mining.

It’s worth noting that Valkyrie was among the U.S. trailblazers to unveil an ETF directly connected to BTC futures last year. While the narrative surrounding Bitcoin ETFs becomes increasingly convoluted, Valkyrie’s focus on ETH futures appears astute.

This strategy not only showcases the company’s agility in a dynamic market but also its unyielding determination to offer U.S. investors diverse opportunities in the crypto domain.

In an evolving market teeming with uncertainty and regulatory haze, companies like Valkyrie, which display foresight and nimbleness, are likely to steer the narrative.

Whether the SEC chooses to adapt or remain ensconced in its cautious bubble, only time will tell. Meanwhile, investors keen on diversifying their portfolios have a new avenue, thanks to Valkyrie’s audacity.

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