Overwatch 2 Devs Disable Anniversary Credit Rewards for 2023


  • The 2023 Overwatch Anniversary Event faced a glitch, leading developers to temporarily disable Credit rewards for challenges.
  • Executive Producer Jared Neuss announced that players will get 3,000 Credits in Season 7’s first week as compensation.
  • While the credit issue remains, other event features like game modes and cosmetics continue as planned.

The highly-anticipated 2023 Anniversary Event for Overwatch 2 experienced a stumbling block when developers identified inconsistencies in Credit rewards, prompting them to disable the feature. Players across the globe were eager to tackle challenges and earn rewards, only to find that the Credit rewards were inconsistent.

Decision taken by Overwatch 2 developers

Addressing the issue head-on, the game’s developers took swift action, opting for a temporary suspension of the Credit rewards. The primary concern was the varying amounts of Credits players were receiving. Some players lamented not obtaining any Credits upon completing challenges, while others were pleasantly surprised, albeit mistakenly, with more than their due share.

As the community sought clarity, the Executive Producer of Overwatch 2, Jared Neuss, shed light on the situation via a Twitter post. Neuss stated the suspension would persist for the duration of the Anniversary Event. Addressing potential discontent among players, the announcement included a compensatory gesture. All players logging into Overwatch 2 during the first week of the upcoming Season 7, which commences on October 10, will receive a bonus of 3,000 Credits.

What are Overwatch 2 Anniversary Credits?

For those unfamiliar with the world of Overwatch, the mention of “Anniversary Credits” might be perplexing. Here’s a brief overview to clear the air:

In the vibrant universe of Overwatch, the primary in-game currency is known as “Credits.” These Credits are the lifeline for players looking to personalize their gameplay experience. Through the accumulation of these credits, players can purchase a wide array of cosmetic items, ranging from character skins and voice lines to victory poses and sprays. These items, while not affecting gameplay mechanics, provide an avenue for players to express their unique style and flair in the game.

Special events, such as the Anniversary Event, are hallmark occasions in the Overwatch calendar. Celebrating the game’s launch anniversary, this event is eagerly awaited by the community each year. During such events, the game releases new, often limited-time cosmetics. While these event-specific items can be procured using the standard Credits, they often come with a steeper price tag, given their exclusivity.

It’s important to clarify that the term “Anniversary Credits” isn’t an official in-game currency distinct from the regular Credits. Instead, it’s a reference to the Credits players earn, spend, or encounter issues with, specifically during the Anniversary Event.

For seasoned players, Credits represent memories of epic victories, close defeats, and countless hours of gameplay. For newcomers, they’re a gateway to dive deeper into the game’s rich aesthetics.

Players will receive compensation

While the Credits issue stirred conversations, Neuss emphasized that the remainder of the event would proceed undisturbed. Gamers can anticipate enjoying returning game modes, a slew of other rewards like double XP, skins, cosmetics, and continued access to the anniversary store.

Blizzard, the powerhouse behind Overwatch 2, acknowledged the Credit rewards bug soon after the event’s initiation. What remains unanswered, though, is whether the company intends to retroactively rectify the surplus credits some players inadvertently received.

The timeline for the 2023 Anniversary festivities is clear. The event culminates on October 3, giving players a brief respite before the Anniversary store wraps up its offerings on October 16, right on the cusp of Season 7’s much-awaited release.

In the ever-evolving world of esports and gaming, such hiccups are not uncommon. Developers often face unforeseen challenges that demand immediate attention and solutions. The Overwatch 2 team’s proactive approach in acknowledging, addressing, and compensating the glitch reflects their commitment to their community.

The onus now is on the gaming community to wait and witness how Blizzard navigates this situation in the days leading up to Season 7. With an ardent fanbase and a reputation for delivering immersive gaming experiences, Overwatch 2’s journey continues, albeit with a slight detour in its 2023 Anniversary Event.

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