US-based institutions actively accumulating bitcoin following BlackRock’s ETF bid, on-chain analyst says


  • US-based institutions are actively accumulating Bitcoin following BlackRock’s ETF bid, according to on-chain analyst William Clemente.
  • Heightened activity during US trading sessions, marginally higher Bitcoin prices on Coinbase, and surging CME futures open interest indicate increased US investor interest.
  • Institutional adoption of Bitcoin continues to grow, with the potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF offering regulated exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

In the wake of BlackRock’s application for a spot-based Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), US investors have been flocking to Bitcoin (BTC), according to on-chain analyst William Clemente. In an interview with BTC advocate Anthony Pompliano, Clemente presented three key pieces of evidence suggesting that US-based institutions have been actively accumulating the leading cryptocurrency.

Heightened activity points to US investor interest

Clemente analyzed trading sessions throughout the day and highlighted the increased activity of market participants in the United States. He noted that the ETF trade had gained momentum across various avenues, primarily driven by US entities.

The first piece of evidence Clemente pointed to was the “cumulative return by session” data provided by Velo. By examining the EU, APAC, and US trading sessions, Clemente observed that the US session exhibited a more active bid for BTC, especially following BlackRock’s ETF filing. This indicates that US-based entities have been leading the charge in the accumulation of Bitcoin.

Furthermore, Clemente highlighted the marginally higher trading price of Bitcoin on Coinbase compared to other exchanges. This disparity suggests increased involvement by US-based firms, further bolstering the evidence of US investor interest.

image 449
BTC Cumulative Return by Session. Source: William Clemente

CME futures open interest surges, reflecting institutional involvement

Clemente also drew attention to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) futures open interest for Bitcoin. He emphasized that the surge in open interest in the global derivatives marketplace following BlackRock’s ETF application indicated growing exposure to BTC among US institutions.

The CME is typically associated with traditional, US-based firms rather than speculative traders. Clemente’s analysis revealed a significant jump in CME futures open interest, with approximately a billion dollars’ worth of open interest added during the period surrounding BlackRock’s ETF announcement. This surge further corroborates the notion that US institutions are actively increasing their exposure to Bitcoin.

The accumulation of Bitcoin by US investors aligns with the growing trend of institutional adoption of cryptocurrency. BlackRock’s application for a Bitcoin ETF serves as a significant catalyst, attracting further attention and capital from traditional financial institutions. The potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF could provide a regulated investment vehicle for institutions to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

There is no doubt that the involvement of US-based institutions in Bitcoin is a notable development that could shape the future trajectory of the digital asset. It signals a growing recognition of Bitcoin’s value proposition and its potential as a store of value and an inflation hedge.

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