Latest tech updates – Unstoppable Domains enables .eth messaging

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  • Reports have it that Unstoppable Domains has expanded its support for Unstoppable Messaging to include Ethereum with .eth.
  • The new messaging integration relies on the independent extensible message transport protocol (XMTP) to entirely encrypt and send messages to recipients.
  • Messages are encrypted end-to-end and stored on the decentralized network of XMTP to ensure solo and uncorrupted ownership.

According to a team statement, Unstoppable Domains, a digital identity platform, is expanding its support for Unstoppable Messaging to include Ethereum. With this expansion, users with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Domains will be able to engage in messaging across multiple platforms on XMTP, including applications such as Coinbase Wallet and Lens, by entering their wallet address or domain.

Unstoppable Domains eth messaging – What is it?

In July, Unstoppable integrated.eth domains, allowing anyone to buy natively through its website, and introduced innovative features to attract a new audience to the .eth domain extension. Users can now purchase .eth, .nft,.crypto, and .polygon domains in a single location.” 

The new messaging integration relies on the independent extensible message transport protocol (XMTP) to entirely encrypt and send messages to recipients. This indicates that messages should continue to be accessible if UD ceases operations in the future. According to the team, “your messages will be preserved and accessible to you no matter what happens to Unstoppable.”

Unstoppable Domains partnered with Binance.US on April 26, allowing its customers to register domain names ending in.BinanceUS. On July 17, it reached an agreement with rival Ethereum Name Service (ENS), permitting ENS .eth names to be sold for the first time in the UD store.

Unstoppable’s .eth messaging includes all the same excellent features as Unstoppable Messaging – and so much more such as:

1. Interoperable, cross-platform messaging

According to the development, you can message anyone on other XMTP-enabled sites, such as the Coinbase Wallet and Lens apps, by putting in their wallet address or domain. Anyone with an XMTP-enabled messaging app can message your .eth domain or wallet address. Messaging is also fully compatible with any wallet address associated with your domain. 

2. Decentralized and end-to-end encrypted

Messages are encrypted end-to-end and stored on the decentralized network of XMTP, so only you have access to and can decrypt them. Additionally, you can manage who can send you a message by blocking specific users and configuring your notification preferences.

3. Messages are fully owned by you

You own your messages, and XMTP will preserve and make them accessible to you.

4. Chat with support

Directly communicate with the support team through Unstoppable Messaging by sending a message to support.unstoppable.x.

5. Stay connected

Messaging is accessible using the Unstoppable iOS app, Android app, and desktop, making it simple to stay in touch on the go. You can send up to 10MB of text, pictures, videos, and other files.

6. You are in control

Also, there is no problem if you decide you no longer want to receive messages from a specific Web3 site – you can simply mute. To mute any web3 domain, use the block feature.

Other advantages that come with Unstoppable’s .eth domain

Messaging is just one of the ways Unstoppable can help you get most out of your .eth domain. Here are other uses:

1. Auto-renewing

With this feature, you will never lose your .eth again! Unstoppable Domains can automatically renew your domain name for as long as you intend to keep it. Plus, you can pay with a credit card to save your valuable $ETH!

2. Easy registration and storage

As the one-stop-shop for Web3 domains, Unstoppable makes purchasing a .eth domain as simple as checking out on any e-commerce website, with payment options including credit card, PayPal, Google, Apple Pay, and a dozen cryptocurrencies. 

You can opt-in to secure custodial storage with Vault, allowing you to secure your .eth domain without needing to create a crypto wallet. 

Tech updates across the crypto community

The crypto industry is experiencing an upgrade with many entities having technical updates. These protocol upgrades make the crypto experience smoother considering the market volatility. Here are some major tech upgrades serving crypto investors.

Consensys, the developer of Ethereum, plans to launch a decentralised version of its Infura platform, according to the company’s director of strategy, Simon Morris. Infura offers APIs and other software tools for Ethereum app developers.

Binance, the largest crypto exchange by trading volume in the world, has “completed the integration of Ethereum (ETH) on the zkSync Era network,” according to a blog post published late last week. “Deposits and withdrawals for Ethereum (ETH) tokens are now open on the zkSync Era network.”

In addition, Dfinity Foundation announced the launch of a $1 million grant fund to assist entrepreneurs in Lugano, Switzerland, in their development of Internet Computer blockchain technology.

Bloomberg reported that JPMorgan is in the preliminary phases of exploring a blockchain-based digital deposit token for accelerating cross-border payments and settlement. 

The deposit token would differ from JPM Coin in that it could be used to send money to clients of other banks, according to a source familiar with the matter. It is also suitable for the settlement of tokenized securities or blockchain-issued financial instruments.

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