Uniswap Founder Hayden Adams dismisses $2 Million phishing scam as a hoax


  • Uniswap founder Hayden Adams has clarified that the widely reported $2 million Uniswap phishing scam is a hoax, urging the crypto community to be wary of such misinformation.
  • The scam involved fake accounts imitating well-known crypto figures and entities, leading to Adams’ swift action to debunk the rumor and remind users to rely on credible sources.



In a recent turn of events, Uniswap founder Hayden Adams has come forward to address the crypto community about a widely circulated news piece regarding a supposed $2 million phishing scam associated with Uniswap. Adams categorically stated that the news is nothing but a hoax, aiming to debunk the misinformation and alert the public about the deceptive tactics scammers employ.

The unfolding of a Crypto Scam Myth

The crypto world was momentarily abuzz with the news of a massive $2 million phishing scam purportedly linked to Uniswap. The information quickly gained traction, leading to widespread concern among crypto enthusiasts and Uniswap users. However, Hayden Adams, the pioneer behind Uniswap, took to social media platforms to clarify the situation. He emphasized that the news circulating about the Uniswap phishing scam was entirely fabricated. Adams’ timely intervention was crucial in preventing panic and confusion within the crypto community.

In his statement, Adams detailed how the scam was orchestrated. The fraudsters replicated the accounts of well-known entities in the crypto space – on-chain sleuth ZachXBT and blockchain security firm CertiK. They propagated the false narrative of a $2 million Uniswap scam using these fake accounts. The scammers went as far as to arrange a Zoom recording featuring individuals posing as high-ranking Uniswap executives. In the falsified meeting, they shared a link, duplicitously urging users to click on it under the pretext of revoking approval, a classic move in phishing scams aimed at defrauding unsuspecting cryptocurrency users.

Uniswap Setting the record straight

Hayden Adams took a firm stance in dispelling the rumors. He reassured the community that neither Uniswap nor the Uniswap Foundation had any involvement in the said video or with the individuals impersonating Uniswap executives. He affirmed that no such $2 million scam had occurred, effectively putting an end to the trend of this false Uniswap scam news.

The crypto community’s response to Hayden Adams’ clarification was overwhelmingly positive. Many prominent figures and everyday users alike expressed their gratitude for the awareness message. It served as a reminder of the constant vigilance required in the digital asset space. Adams’ prompt action in addressing the fake news not only averted potential chaos but also reinforced the need for credible sources of information in the rapidly evolving crypto world.

Humor and skepticism

The crypto community also reacted with a mix of humor and skepticism. Several users amusingly tagged ZachXBT and Certik, highlighting the irony of these reputable accounts being mimicked for a scam. However, amidst the light-hearted responses, there was a palpable undercurrent of concern. Many pointed out the increasing prevalence of frauds and scams in the cryptocurrency domain, emphasizing the need for better protective measures and awareness.

Adding to the discourse, the real ZachXBT, whose account was one of those replicated, shared his thoughts on Twitter. He acknowledged that such impersonations are becoming increasingly common and lamented the lack of effective measures to control the issue. His statement underscored a growing challenge in the crypto industry – the difficulty in safeguarding against sophisticated impersonation tactics used by scammers.


The incident highlights two critical aspects of the digital currency landscape: the agility of scammers in exploiting information and the crucial role of community vigilance. Hayden Adams’ swift response not only debunked a potentially damaging rumor but also served as a vital reminder for the crypto community to stay alert and informed. As the cryptocurrency realm continues to evolve, staying ahead of misinformation and scams remains a top priority for both industry leaders and users alike.

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