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  • Wolverhampton Literature Festival uses AI to combat January blues, turning verbalized joy into visuals for a positive mental health initiative.
  • Dr. Paul Darke, CEO of Outside Centre, highlights AI’s creative potential, aiming to alleviate anxiety around the technology.
  • Event on Feb 2 at Wolverhampton Art Gallery celebrates AI, creativity, and personal safety plans in suicide prevention.

In an effort to combat the January blues and raise awareness about suicide prevention, the Wolverhampton Suicide Prevention Stakeholders’ Forum Charitable Trust is utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to celebrate joy and positivity. The initiative is part of the Wolverhampton Literature Festival and will culminate in an event on Friday, February 2, at Wolverhampton Art Gallery at 3:30 pm.

The Suicide Prevention forum, supported by funding from the Wolverhampton Mayor’s charitable trust, has organized a month-long exhibition at the Mander Centre’s Community Hub. This initiative aims to create a supportive environment for local residents, offering them a respite from the January doldrums. Through various art and cultural activities, community groups are encouraged to share what brings them happiness. AI is then employed to convert these verbalized expressions into visual representations using apps and websites.

Tackling January blues and AI anxiety

January is recognized as a challenging month, especially in terms of mental health, with suicide rates often spiking. Dr. Paul Darke, CEO of Outside Centre and a key figure in the Suicide Prevention forum, emphasizes the importance of using AI as a tool to foster creativity and combat anxiety associated with the technology. The goal is to demonstrate that AI can be harnessed positively to help individuals visualize and celebrate the things that bring them happiness.

Community engagement and support

The end-of-exhibition celebration on February 2 will be led by Claire Dickens, Academic lead for mental health and wellbeing at Wolverhampton University, and Dr. Paul Darke. The event will showcase the creative work produced during the month, emphasizing the role of AI in promoting mental health and happiness. Numerous community organizations, including the Samaritans, Wolverhampton Welfare Rights, and Healthwatch, will be present to engage with attendees on matters of concern. The festival event aims not only to explore the creative potential of AI but also to provide information on suicide prevention and personal safety planning.

AI for creativity and accessibility

Dr. Darke underscores the accessibility and creativity AI brings to everyone. By encouraging individuals to embrace AI and utilize it as a tool for self-expression, the initiative seeks to demystify the anxieties surrounding this advanced technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with AI applications and websites, sharing their happiness and contributing to a collective effort to combat the January blues.

Event details and takeaways

The “What makes you happy” event at Wolverhampton Art Gallery on Friday, February 2, at 3:30 pm, promises an exploration of AI’s creative potential, demystifying common anxieties associated with the technology. Dr. Darke hopes attendees will leave not only with a newfound knowledge of AI but also with a sense of empowerment to create things that bring them joy. The event will additionally address the vital aspect of personal safety plans in suicide prevention, encouraging attendees to compile a document highlighting what makes them happy during challenging times.

The Wolverhampton Literature Festival’s inclusion of AI in suicide prevention efforts marks a progressive step towards utilizing technology for positive mental health outcomes. By integrating creativity and community engagement, the initiative seeks to dispel common misconceptions about AI while promoting mental well-being during a traditionally challenging month. The event on February 2 provides a unique opportunity for attendees to explore AI, share their happiness, and contribute to the collective effort to foster resilience and creativity in the face of adversity.

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