UK Government Mandates Collaboration with i.AI for AI Projects


  • The UK aims to be a world leader in public-sector AI adoption.
  • All government AI projects require collaboration with i.AI team.
  • NHS England partnership to deploy AI solutions for improved patient services.

The UK government is making a concerted effort to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in transforming public services. In a recent speech at Imperial College, London, Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden emphasized AI’s potential to fundamentally change how public services operate within a few years.

Dowden announced that funding for any government AI projects will now be contingent on departments collaborating with the Incubator for AI (i.AI) team in the Cabinet Office. This move aims to ensure that AI investments are made with a focus on efficiency, interoperability, and value for money.

Scaling up the i.AI Team

To support the scaling up of pilot programs already in progress, such as tools to detect fraud and error in pharmacies and summarize responses to UK government consultations, the government plans to double the size of the i.AI team to 70 people. This expansion will involve recruiting top talent in the field of AI.

Recognizing the importance of AI in healthcare, Dowden announced that i.AI will sign a collaboration charter with NHS England. This first-of-its-kind initiative will provide a framework for the i.AI team to support the NHS in identifying and deploying AI solutions that improve services for patients.

Potential AI applications in healthcare

Dowden highlighted several potential applications of AI in healthcare, including new diagnostic tools, real-time transcription of appointments, and the ability to tailor medicines to individuals based on their genetics. He encouraged other public sector bodies to consider similar collaborative efforts to harness the benefits of AI.

The UK government’s emphasis on AI adoption in public services is driven by a desire to increase efficiency, foster innovation, and deliver better value for taxpayers. Dowden stressed that failing to embrace AI within the next two or three years would be a missed opportunity for the UK.

UK Government ba future-ready public sector

By mandating collaboration with the i.AI team, the UK government aims to ensure that AI investments are made strategically, with a focus on interoperability and scalability. This approach is designed to build a future-ready public sector that can adapt to rapidly evolving technologies and deliver improved services to citizens.

The UK government’s commitment to AI adoption in public services represents a significant step towards building a more efficient, innovative, and technologically advanced public sector. By leveraging the expertise of the i.AI team and fostering collaboration across departments, the government aims to position the UK as a world leader in harnessing the transformative potential of AI for the benefit of its citizens.

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