AI Revolutionizes Corporate Meeting Note-Taking

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  • Corporations are trying new methods to simplify the operation and to further productivity.
  • AI can act like a personal secretary or general or equally capable professional in meetings. 
  • AI assistants can perform tasks beyond transcription.

Given today’s accelerated state of the business environment, time is the unique aspect needed. Corporations, constitutively, are trying new methods to simplify the operation and to further productivity. AI can act like a personal secretary or general or equally capable professional in meetings. Innovative companies such as Amadeus, the travel software giant, are among the early adopters.

Efficient and accurate documentation

One of the main assets of AI meeting inclinators is the feature that allows them to fully and accurately type in ongoing meeting discussions. Traditional note-taking, common in most meetings, is a taxing task, as participants often fail to stay active and participate in discussions as they attempt to jot down legible notes. While human receptionists may miss the occasional detail due to distractions and interruptions, AI assistants can communicate verbatim, thus ensuring no critical details are missing.

AI systems can be used by businesses to assign note-taking tasks so that employees can interact fully in meetings. This increased participation facilitates more productive discussions, better decision-making, and the final result, which is the business’s aim.

AI assistants can perform tasks beyond transcription, providing opportunities such as summarizing long chat threads for those who come late to the conversation. Furthermore, they can help as drafts for Email Text for employees of every role in every context, thus fostering communication styles.

AI empowering employee engagement

However, as the great advantages are evident, the AI needs to work properly, as it is, to train and implement the changes in the company culture. This is something Amadeus realizes very well and is committed, first of all, to teaching employees about the potential of AI and how it works, which is the first step to the wider adoption of this technology at the workplace.

Over time, as new techniques evolve, opposition related to subjectivism and prejudice emerges. The reliability of AI models used in tasks such as email messaging and chat summarization, especially for developing markets, depends on meticulously inspecting the models’ training data to avoid subjectivity and ensure accuracy.

In the same trajectory, AI meeting assistants are becoming trendy, and the extent of their effect on corporate culture is drawing attention. Organizations will most probably be forced to scrutinize detailed structures and rules for meetings in order to cease losing these new possibilities in full.

Apart from that, the addition of AI assistants will affect privacy of personal information as well as intellectual documentation about the meetings’ transcripts. Businesses shall set out their policies and guidelines for the compliance with the legal requirements which are usually very complicated.

It goes without saying, however, that the AI meeting assistants still have a lot of issues and limitations to deal with. However, given the high benefits, their future looks promising.

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