Turkey’s AI Firefighting Technology Nominated for Global Award


  • Turkey’s AI-driven firefighting technology was nominated for the prestigious World Information Society Summit Awards, showcasing its global leadership in environmental protection.
  • AI-enabled decision support system enhances Turkey’s firefighting capabilities, utilizing predictive analytics and real-time data analysis to combat forest fires effectively.
  • Minister Yumaklı urges citizens to support Turkey’s nomination by voting for the “Forest Fires Support Decision System,” highlighting the country’s commitment to leveraging technology for environmental stewardship.

The brilliant initiative from Turkey: The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in fighting the growing menace of wildfires. The country has been nominated for this coveted award for its AI-driven firefighting technology: the World Information Society Summit Awards. Agriculture and Forestry Minister Ibrahim Yumaklı has announced the nomination and underlined the importance of Turkey’s moves to use artificial intelligence to save the environment.

Nominations for world information society summit awards

Meanwhile, the UN standards-setting body, the International Telecommunication Union, has been focusing on a decision support system implemented to alleviate the mitigation of wildfires. This candidacy shows the international fact that Turkey is a technology country that is internationally recognized for its steps against forest fires.

This AI-enabled decision support system includes several subsystems launched in 2022 to cover every need in wildfire management. The system provides proactive prediction and fire-fighting of forest fires, enabled through meteorological data and real-time records from the Forest Information System, UAV, and satellite imagery.

The system makes use of predictive analytics with AI algorithms to determine the possibilities and even probable causes of forest fires from the meteorological variables. It is capable of quickly analyzing meteorological and geographical conditions immediately in the phase of the outbreak to give a rapid response for the most appropriate strategies of intervention development and simulated ones in case this is necessary.

Enhanced firefighting capabilities

This gives the AI-powered system dynamism and the ability to keep making assessments of the developing conditions of the fire; hence, it comes up with more specific predictions of the real-time advancement of the fire. This allows the firefighting team to more efficient and timely interference, therefore evoking clearance of the troubled area and natural allocation of resources to fire extinguishing.

The system is capable of collecting and analyzing big volumes of data in real-time, meaning firefighting strategies are improved in parallel. It allows the implementation of a loop with the lessons learned from past firefighting operations so that Turkey is further strengthened against its perennial enemy. 

Minister’s endorsement and call to action

Minister Yumaklı pointed out that the works carried out at home with the system and technology reach international platforms. Stating that this system brings great value to firefighting teams in the struggle with forest fires, he invited citizens to unite behind the ministry by taking part in the online vote. Acknowledging the role AI will play in augmenting the country’s firefighting capabilities, Minister Yumaklı termed it important that “we win at the World Information Society Summit Awards by getting support from people. The minister noted that with a ceremony to be held from May 27 to 31 in Geneva, all citizens were invited to vote for the “Forest Fires Support Decision System” to prove further that Turkey is committed to using technology in environmental protection.

The nomination of Turkey is another international recognition for the country on how effectively it uses AI in dealing with urgent environmental issues. As the world community battled the ever-increasing threat from wildfires, the innovative Decision Support System of Turkey stands poised to set a benchmark for effective strategies in wildfire management. It would call upon citizens to come forward and be part of the voting process. Turkey would lead the initiative that used technology for international recognition of the environment and management of disasters.

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