TrueUSD shocks market by temporarily halting TUSD token minting via Prime Trust


  • TrueUSD suspends TUSD token minting via Prime Trust and seeks alternative partners.
  • The acquisition of Prime Trust by BitGo aims to ensure long-term client stability.
  • TrueUSD assures users of uninterrupted operations with alternative minting options.

In a surprising move, TrueUSD (TUSD), the major issuer of the popular stablecoin, has temporarily suspended the minting of TUSD tokens through its long-standing partner, Prime Trust. The decision, effective immediately, has left market participants speculating about the reasons behind this unexpected development.

TrueUSD, known for its commitment to maintaining a stable value pegged to the US dollar, has assured its users that despite the pause in minting services via Prime Trust, alternative avenues for minting and redemption of TUSD tokens are readily available through other trusted financial partners. The company has swiftly taken action to ensure uninterrupted operations for its loyal user base.

This decision comes amidst ongoing changes in the financial landscape, with Prime Trust, the Las Vegas-based financial services provider, currently undergoing an acquisition process. BitGo Holdings, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency custodian space, recently announced the signing of a non-binding term sheet to acquire 100% of the equity of Prime Core Technologies, the parent company of Prime Trust. The acquisition aims to bring increased business continuity and long-term stability to the clients of the financial firm.

Since its adoption by Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, TrueUSD has experienced a surge in popularity. The stablecoin gained significant traction following regulatory issues faced by Binance‘s associated stablecoin, BUSD. The Bitcoin: TUSD trading pair currently boasts the highest trading volume on Binance, emphasizing the strong demand for TUSD among cryptocurrency traders.

Despite this success, it’s worth noting that TrueUSD’s market capitalization stands at approximately $2 billion, which is comparatively smaller than major stablecoins such as USDT and USDC. Stablecoins, including TUSD, are designed to maintain their pegs through a minting and redemption process.

When the price of a stablecoin deviates from its peg, large holders can directly exchange their dollars for the stablecoin and sell it on the open market. Conversely, if the price falls below the peg, these entities can purchase the stablecoin from the open market and redeem it directly. However, such processes typically rely on trusted financial partners like Prime Trust, who facilitate the fiat payments necessary for minting and redemption.

As TrueUSD temporarily halts minting services through Prime Trust, the company is actively exploring alternative financial partners to ensure the smooth operation of its stablecoin ecosystem.

While TrueUSD’s decision has sparked curiosity and speculation within the cryptocurrency community, stakeholders are eagerly awaiting further updates on the company’s strategic partnerships and its plans to maintain the stability and integrity of the TUSD stablecoin.

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