Tron’s Justin Sun Steem hardfork involvement exposed by lawyer

Justin Sun Steem hardfork

Tron’s Justin Sun Steem hardfork involvement has been exposed. A lawyer has indicated that Sun activities around the Steem hardfork 0.23 amount to conspiracy and theft. Andrew Hamilton, an Australian lawyer, in his legal opinion says Justin’s Steem takeover was suspect.

The lawyer who is currently JPB Liberty CEO was giving his opinion in regard to the forking implementation which will see more than $5 million in Steem seized from 64 stakeholders and witnesses. The contentious accounts belong to Hive (HIVE) holder. Hive is the fork that was formed after Sun took over the Steem blockchain.

Tron’s Justin Sun Steem hardfork blatant theft

The Australian lawyer did a comparison between the United Kingdom and the United States laws and detected theft in the hardfork; He goes on to add:

In my considered legal opinion, based on the analysis above, the implementation of HF23 meets the definition of theft under the criminal law of relevant jurisdictions.

Hamilton singles out Sun as liable to the ‘theft’ since he is linked to a vital account dev365. He goes on to add that the Tron boss owns a very instrumental account that has vested witness voting powers that can determine who stay of leaves as a witness on the Steem ecosystem. These witnesses are important during the hardfork.

The revelation comes at a time when crypto exchange Bittrex has declined to free or return $5 million Steem seized. The turn of events might leave Sun regretting his move to acquire Steem. Steem community on the other is planning forking to create a new blockchain:

Justin Sun controls @dev365, either directly or via Steemit Inc. which in turn controls Steem’s top 20 witness list, which in turn operates and controls the code of the Steem blockchain. Sun’s Steemit Inc. and the persons controlling witness’s @justyy, @steemchiller & @dlike are the persons responsible for implementing HF23.”

Tron’s Justin Sun Steem hardfork link well-calculated

On Tron’s Justin Sun Steem hardfork interest, Hamilton goes on to conclude that the ‘suspect’ controls high profile accounts on the Steem ecosystem. He, therefore, has committed a theft offense in the concerned jurisdictions.  Some key accounts he controls include @Dlike, @Steemchiller, and @Justyy.

With links to these accounts, the lawyer has enough grounds to assert that Sun has committed a crime:

Justin Sun, Steemit Inc. and the persons controlling the Steem accounts @justyy, @steemchiller & @dlike have individually and jointly committed the criminal offence of CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY in relevant jurisdictions.

Albert Kim

Albert Kim

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