Tornado Cash co-founder Roman Storm released on bail following DOJ arrest


  • Tornado Cash co-founder Roman Storm was arrested by the DOJ and later released on bail, raising concerns about the legality of privacy tools in cryptocurrency.
  • The arrest has sparked a debate within the crypto community, with supporters emphasizing the importance of privacy and critics warning against potential misuse for illegal activities.

Roman Storm, the co-founder of Tornado Cash, who was arrested by the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been released on bail. On August 24, Storm’s lawyer Brian Klein posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) to inform that Storm had been granted bail and released.

Klein expressed his ongoing disappointment with the prosecutors’ decision to charge the developer for simply helping to develop software. He warned of the dangerous implications this novel legal theory could have for all software developers.

Arrest and charges against Roman Storm

Tornado Cash, also known for its decentralized privacy solutions, allows users to send and receive Ethereum in a way that obscures the transaction history. This technology has been both praised for enhancing privacy and criticized for potentially facilitating illegal activities.

The crypto market was shocked when the founders of Tornado Cash, Storm, and Roman Semenov, were arrested by the U.S. DOJ on August 23. According to the allegations, the founders were accused of operating Tornado Cash services and laundering over $1 billion in “criminal proceeds.” This news sent ripples throughout the crypto community, leaving many wondering about the future of Tornado Cash and its impact on the industry.

The charges filed by the DOJ stated that Tornado Cash facilitated the laundering of large sums of money for the Lazarus Group, a North Korean cybercrime organization that is already subject to international sanctions.

The case against Tornado Cash founders has brought attention to the fine line between privacy and legality in the crypto space, with some experts expressing concern over potential regulatory crackdowns on privacy-focused tools.

The incident has also raised questions about the future of privacy-focused platforms like Tornado Cash. Also, yhe situation has ignited a debate on the balance between individual privacy rights and the need for transparency to prevent criminal activities.

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