Top 10 NFT dApps on Optimism: Pushing the Boundaries of NFTs

Introducing the vibrant world of the top 10 NFT dApps on Optimism network, where innovation and creativity converge to redefine the NFT landscape. These decentralized applications offer a diverse array of experiences, ranging from artistic expression and storytelling to community governance and collaborative creation. Each platform capitalizes on Optimism’s layer 2 scaling solution, enhancing transaction speed and reducing gas fees, while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of what NFTs can achieve.

Among these remarkable platforms is Quix, an NFT marketplace that exemplifies the power of layer 2 scalability by offering rapid transactions and substantial gas fee reductions. Backed Protocol introduces efficiency to peer-to-peer lending using NFT collateral, while NiftyKit empowers creators and teams with versatile smart contracts and NFT minting capabilities. OptiPunks presents a novel fusion of NFTs and public goods funding, showcasing the potential of blockchain for community development.

Aethernity and BlueSweep prioritize accessibility and affordability, while Circular Art merges generative art with public good funding. Cryptovania redefines storytelling through community collaboration, and CyberNerds fosters a sense of community and supports public goods. Meanwhile, Mojos pioneers on-chain avatar ecosystems with identity, governance, and treasury management.

These NFT dApps collectively embody the spirit of innovation, community, and creativity, underscoring the transformative impact of Optimism’s layer 2 technology on the NFT landscape.


Quix is a prominent NFT marketplace hosted on Optimism, a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. Designed to provide a seamless experience for users interested in digital collectibles, Quix offers a platform to explore, acquire, and sell Mirror Writing NFTs. Notably, it stands out for its integration with Optimism, which translates to rapid transactions, substantial gas fee reductions of up to 100 times, and robust security akin to Ethereum’s standards. The marketplace’s emphasis on layer 2 scalability enhances the NFT ecosystem by making it more accessible and cost-efficient. With users boasting over $500,000 in gas fee savings, Quix underscores the potential of layer 2 solutions in revolutionizing the NFT landscape and expanding Ethereum’s capabilities in the realm of digital asset ownership.


Backed Protocol revolutionizes peer-to-peer lending with NFT collateral. It introduces efficiency through unique features: Borrowers propose minimum viable loan terms, initiating loans when lenders match or exceed these terms. The absence of oracles simplifies the process, focusing on agreed terms. Composability is enabled via Borrow and Lend Tickets, dynamically assigning ownership. Notably, lenders can perpetually buyout loans by surpassing terms by 10%, resetting loan durations.

Borrowers initiate loans by defining terms, transferring NFT collateral to the facilitator, and receiving Borrow Tickets. Lenders join by meeting or exceeding terms, with funds going to Borrow Ticket owners, minus a 1% protocol fee. Repayment options and collateral seizure for overdue loans are established.

Crucially, Backed Protocol ensures NFT safety by holding collateral in the facilitator contract during loans. Continuous innovation, perpetual buyouts, and collateral safeguards make Backed a trailblazer in NFT-backed lending, streamlining interactions and fostering security within the decentralized finance landscape.


NiftyKit stands out as a prominent NFT platform tailored for creators and teams, offering an impressive suite of features. With support for Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Nova, and Optimism blockchains, it allows seamless smart contract and NFT minting. The platform’s emphasis on security is evident through its audited contracts by ChainSafe and on-chain fraud detection by Chainalysis. Notably, NiftyKit fosters true ownership of NFT smart contracts, encourages collaborative efforts among teams, and ensures top-tier user support. Its low sales fees, revenue-sharing capabilities among team members or charitable causes, and mechanisms for token access by NFT holders highlight its user-centric approach. The platform offers additional functionalities like waitlisting, a customizable hosted site, and integration-friendly features such as an embeddable mint button. NiftyKit emerges as a comprehensive solution empowering creators and brands within the dynamic NFT ecosystem.


OptiPunks represents a novel approach within the Optimism network, highlighting the fusion of NFTs and public goods funding. The concept involves minting NFTs, termed “OptiPunks,” to finance essential community resources such as libraries, roads, and open-source software. Notably, these NFTs not only fund the creation of public goods but also allocate 50% of secondary sales towards sustaining these initiatives. This approach introduces a dynamic connection between NFT ownership and the betterment of shared resources. OptiPunks leverages the potential of NFTs to address market inequality by enabling the community to collectively reward positive contributions. By harnessing the power of NFTs, OptiPunks exemplifies a creative way to support public welfare while showcasing the broader impact that blockchain technology can have on community-driven development and funding.


Aethernity is an innovative NFT project that thrives on Optimism, Ethereum’s layer 2 ecosystem. This choice combines Ethereum’s robust security with reduced costs and latency. Notably, 50% of the initial mint revenue from Aethernity’s NFT sales contributes to funding public goods projects on Gitcoin Grants (GR14), showcasing the project’s commitment to community support.

Early supporters, known as Minters, enjoy exclusive perks such as unique POAP artwork by @Travenesia, holder giveaways, and early access to a private Discord community.

Aethernity boldly operates within the public domain, allowing versatile use of its offerings. The project’s generated revenue is reinvested to propel future stages within Ethereum and Optimism ecosystems, promising special benefits and early access to holders. With its innovative approach and community-centric focus, Aethernity exemplifies the potential of NFTs to contribute to broader initiatives while rewarding early supporters.


BlueSweep offers a streamlined NFT management experience on Optimism, prioritizing efficiency and substantial cost savings. Serving as a top-tier NFT marketplace aggregator, BlueSweep focuses on layer 2 scaling solutions, ensuring swift user interactions and noteworthy reductions in gas fees. Notably, users can efficiently sweep up to 30 NFTs at once, streamlining the acquisition process.

What sets BlueSweep apart is its remarkable gas-saving feature. By implementing innovative data compression techniques during layer 1 (Ethereum) posting, the platform achieves up to 76% gas savings. This efficient approach significantly enhances affordability and accessibility for users, making NFT transactions on Optimism more practical and appealing.

As an accessible entry point to the Optimism-based NFT ecosystem, BlueSweep redefines how users engage with NFTs, embracing efficiency, savings, and convenience at its core.

Circular Art

Circular Art is a groundbreaking generative art platform that not only provides artists with a platform for creative expression but also aims to sustainably fund public goods. By leveraging generative art, Circular Art strives to make a positive impact on both the art community and society at large.

The platform’s minting process is user-friendly. Users can choose from curated collections and mint new generative artworks at designated prices. These artworks are immediately verifiable on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and authenticity.

Circular Art’s innovative approach allocates 50% of the proceeds from its inaugural collection to fund public goods, while the remaining 50% supports the contributing artists. Additionally, the platform incorporates a 3% royalty on resales, benefiting both artists and the platform equally.

Circular Art’s vision aligns with funding public goods, addressing incentive challenges within the creative and societal spheres. The platform welcomes artists of all levels, fostering a diverse and collaborative environment through its Discord community.


Cryptovania is an innovative experiment in decentralized storytelling, creating an intricate and engaging narrative through the collaboration of its community. Operating as an NFT marketplace aggregator, Cryptovania introduces the concept of “story legos,” allowing participants to collectively craft an evolving story within a dynamic “storyverse.” With a focus on layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum, particularly Optimism, Cryptovania offers an interactive and immersive experience.

Set in the town of Bran, nestled in the misty mountains, the storyverse revolves around 10,000 unique Cryptovania NFT collectors. Each collector contributes to the unfolding narrative by confirming tales, shaping the storyline, and confronting the enigmatic Vlad Dracula. This decentralized approach to storytelling offers a refreshing departure from traditional metaverse projects, utilizing plain text and images to form a rich and accessible design space that encourages collaboration, creativity, and the exploration of endless possibilities within the Cryptovania universe.


CyberNerd is an experimental CC0 NFT project situated on the Optimism network. It operates under the ethos of fostering community collaboration and supporting public goods. Offering NFTs at a cost of 0.0088 ETH, the project features a limited supply of 4444 NFTs. Notably, a substantial portion of its revenue, 51%, is channeled towards bolstering Optimism’s public goods. An additional 5% contributes to the American Red Cross via an ETH address, while artists are provided royalties dedicated to public goods.

One of CyberNerds’ distinct aspects is its vision to establish the CyberNerds DAO community. This framework empowers NFT holders with the authority to influence decisions regarding treasury assets. With plans to allocate significant portions of minting and secondary sales fees to the DAO treasury, CyberNerds aims to drive its growth and initiatives. The project capitalizes on Optimism’s efficiency in terms of low gas fees and rapid transactions, cultivating an engaged community while transparently addressing investment risks.


Mojos represent an innovative experiment designed to cultivate on-chain avatar communities. These avatars aim to go beyond mere visual representation, seeking to establish a comprehensive ecosystem of identity, governance, and treasury management.

The project involves the daily auctioning of two Mojos, with all auction proceeds funneled into the project’s treasury. The distinctive generative artwork associated with Mojos is part of the public domain, ensuring ownership rights for users. Each Mojo corresponds to a vote within the treasury, further fostering community engagement.

The Mojos smart contract operates as a self-sustaining mechanism, managing the continuous auction cycle. Settlement of one auction leads to the commencement of the next, making the process dynamic and ongoing. Through community protection measures and equitable trait distribution, Mojos aims to create an inclusive and self-regulated avatar ecosystem on the Optimism network.

Future of NFT dApps on Optimism

The top 10 NFT dApps on the Optimism network offer a glimpse into the exciting future of blockchain technology and its potential to reshape the digital landscape. Each platform showcases the versatility and adaptability of NFTs, from fostering artistic expression and decentralized storytelling to enabling efficient lending and community governance.

As these dApps leverage Optimism’s layer 2 scalability, users benefit from faster transactions and reduced gas fees, opening up new possibilities for widespread adoption. By combining innovative technology with creative vision, these platforms not only enhance user experiences but also contribute to public goods funding, community building, and empowerment.

The emergence of these NFT dApps underscores the broader shift toward decentralized and community-driven models, revolutionizing how individuals interact with digital assets and narratives. With a focus on accessibility, affordability, and collaborative creation, these platforms pave the way for a more inclusive and dynamic NFT ecosystem that holds promise for a wide range of users, creators, and enthusiasts.


What is Optimism?

Optimism is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, aiming to enhance transaction speed and reduce gas fees.

What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that represent ownership of items like art, collectibles, and more on the blockchain.

How does Optimism improve NFT transactions?

Optimism increases NFT transaction efficiency and affordability by processing them off the main Ethereum chain.

What benefits do NFTs offer creators?

NFTs empower creators with ownership, traceability, and monetization opportunities for their digital content.

How can I engage with NFTs on Optimism?

Engage with NFTs on Optimism through platforms like marketplaces and projects that leverage Optimism's scalability for seamless interactions and cost savings.

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