TNC IT Solution Group embarks on a journey to develop crypto space

TNC IT Solution Group is on a mission to bring together companies related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain for fostering an overall development in the crypto space. 

Comprising of an enthusiastic team of 500 members coming from varied backgrounds such as blockchain and other emerging technologies, Information Technology, Financial Services, FinTech, and consumer relations, the group will work towards providing a strong financial and investments backing.

How does the group benefit?

The group members will benefit from extensive support from developers, financial investors, blockchain strategy managers, technical and legal advisors who will not offer expert inputs to large firms on the sustenance of the new technologies but also assist budding start-ups in establishing their base in the industry.

The one-of-its-kind BuyAladdin shopping mall launched last week, is a product of TNC’s continual efforts in ensuring fast and secure transactions using cryptocurrencies and setting up a sound defense system against hacks.

According to the CTO of BuyAladdin, Stanley Park, becoming a member of the renowned consortium of blockchain organizations has allowed the firm launch its app way ahead of the estimated finishing date and enabled its investors in taking full advantage of the opportunities cryptocurrencies offer.

TNC IT Group to lead the innovation path

Meanwhile, TNC Group CEO, Bruce Jeong, remarks that the several large tech firms and their recent focus on cryptocurrency development, coupled with noteworthy performances by many digital currencies has resurrected the interests of investors in cryptocurrencies. 

Along the same lines, the group will administer a new approach towards building a perpetual yet sustainable environment for innovations in the crypto space.