ABBC announces launch of biggest digital currency shopping mall in NYC

ABBC Foundation is gearing up to set its foot into the majestic skylines of New York City by announcing a premier one-stop online shopping mall, Buyaladdin, right in the middle of a buzzing neighborhood town, Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. What’s more exciting is that it provides its customers with an opportunity to shop using their digital assets. 

Slated to commence its services from July 16, Buyaladdin will mark thorough incorporation of the blockchain platform and cryptocurrencies payment system in the retail industry.

It will facilitate the purchase of goods from over 40 e-commerce outlets, the likes of which include Alibaba, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, using cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, on the cryptocurrencies front, the platform will support Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereums (ETH), and ABBC Coin.

With growing popularity over time, the company plans to integrate more digital currencies and a wide range of e-commerce outlets to enhance the overall shopping experience.

Preparations begin for the big launch

While the organization is busy running preliminary tests on the software, the alpha tests are expected to be completed by August. Following that, Aladdin Wallet users will get a chance to participate in the second phase of test runs, beta tests, sometime in the month of September. All going well, customers will be able to get full enjoyment out of the myriad of services by October.

The master-mind behind this grand project, ABBC Foundation, affirms that the launch will mark the delivery of an ambitious promise – a promise to redefine the way consumers shop and experience the purchase of the everyday as well the extravagant items online.

Moreover, machine learning will capacitate user location and trending items in that location to provide regular updates.

With super fast transactions along with seamless payment systems, ABBC Foundation believes that it will start a new era of digital currency shopping.