Tether announces new wallet-freezing policy to boost security—what you need to know

Tether announces new wallet-freezing policy to boost security

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  • Tether has implemented a new policy to freeze wallets listed on the U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List.
  • This initiative, led by Tether’s new CEO, Paolo Ardoino, aims to prevent the misuse of Tether tokens and strengthen the company’s relationship with global law enforcement and regulators.

Tether, the company responsible for the largest stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market, has taken a proactive step in its security measures by announcing a new wallet-freezing policy today. This initiative, decided on December 1, 2023, aligns with the U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC) regulations, particularly focusing on individuals on the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List. This voluntary move by Tether is about adhering to existing laws and enhancing the overall security of its platform and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The decision marks one of the first major actions by Paolo Ardoino, who recently transitioned from Chief Technology Officer to Chief Executive Officer of Tether. Ardoino has been vocal about this move, emphasizing Tether’s commitment to maintaining high safety standards and strengthening its relationship with global law enforcement and regulatory bodies.

Strategic approach to safeguarding the ecosystem

The new policy involves freezing wallets already listed on the OFAC’s SDN List and any future additions. Tether’s approach is seen as a strategic decision to prevent the misuse of its tokens. This policy reinforces Tether’s commitment to regulatory compliance and positions it as a leader in promoting a safer environment for stablecoin usage.

Previously, Tether has hesitated to freeze wallets associated with sanctioned entities, such as the Tornado Cash protocol. However, this change in stance is a significant shift in the company’s approach to compliance and security. Following the announcement, blockchain records indicated that Tether had blacklisted contract addresses associated with Tornado Cash, reflecting the company’s heightened efforts to combat unlawful activities.

Impact on the crypto community

Tether’s latest policy is expected to set a new standard in the cryptocurrency industry. By voluntarily enhancing its security protocols, the company is not only prioritizing the safety of its users but is also contributing to the overall integrity of the cryptocurrency market. The move is seen as a step forward in fostering a more secure and reliable platform for the global community of Tether users.

Ardoino’s leadership in this initiative reflects Tether’s dedication to evolving with the industry’s needs and challenges. According to Tether’s announcement, it aims to continue working closely with global regulators and law enforcement to create a stable and secure environment for digital asset transactions.

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