Tesla’s Stock Rises as Analyst Upgrades It on AI Potential


  • Tesla stock surges over 6% as Morgan Stanley analyst upgrades it to “Overweight,” citing AI’s potential.
  • Tesla’s custom AI chip could reduce reliance on Nvidia, improving efficiency and lowering costs.
  • Supercharging deals and AI-driven software monetization could diversify Tesla’s revenue streams significantly.

Tesla stock experienced a substantial increase, exceeding 6%, following a positive assessment from Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas. In his recent research report titled “Unlocking Tesla’s AI Potential,” Jonas upgraded the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer’s stock from “Equal Weight” to “Overweight” while raising the price target from $250 to $400. Tesla’s strategic focus on artificial intelligence (AI) is the driving force behind this optimistic outlook.

The debate over whether Tesla is primarily an automotive or technology company has long intrigued investors. Jonas provides a clear perspective, asserting that Tesla falls into both categories. While the core of Tesla’s operations remains the production of electric vehicles, Jonas emphasizes the company’s burgeoning software and services segment. 

Jonas suggests that Tesla can tap into new markets beyond traditional vehicle sales, drawing parallels with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which contributes a substantial 70% to Amazon’s total earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT).

Dojo: Tesla’s ace in the hole

Jonas, who previously downgraded Tesla during a stock surge, now underscores the significance of Tesla’s custom supercomputing system, Dojo. This system plays a pivotal role in training Tesla’s autonomous driving model. According to Jonas, Dojo can potentially bolster Tesla’s enterprise value by a substantial $500 billion. It achieves this by expediting the adoption rate of mobility solutions, particularly in robotaxis and network services.

Dojo, as Jonas explains, unlocks Tesla’s dual-wheel momentum by seamlessly integrating and accelerating the alliance between Tesla’s core automotive operations and its software-as-a-service (SaaS) ventures. This synergy streamlines time-to-market and expands the potential customer base for Tesla’s offerings.

Tesla’s homegrown AI chip

Tesla’s reliance on Nvidia for its chips has been a concern. Nevertheless, Jonas highlights Tesla’s ambition to develop an in-house system with superior efficiency. Tesla’s highly skilled semiconductor team has engineered a custom AI ASIC chip designed for more efficient and cost-effective processing of vision-based data for autonomous driving compared to leading AI-purpose chips in the market, including Nvidia’s A100s and H100s.

Diversifying revenue streams supercharging network

Tesla has been actively pursuing supercharging partnerships, including one with Hilton Hotels, as a potential source of revenue beyond the conventional automotive sphere. With increased computing capabilities and faster processing speeds, Tesla aims to expedite the monetization of vehicle software, offering higher recurring revenue rates. 

Furthermore, the integration of non-Tesla fleet licensing revenue into their Network Services model is anticipated. Discussions are ongoing regarding potential extensions of cooperation beyond charging stations into full self-driving (FSD) licensing and operating system licensing.

Tesla’s AI-powered journey ahead

Morgan Stanley’s upgraded outlook on Tesla highlights the company’s transformative potential in the AI and software sector. With its innovative Dojo system and custom AI chip, Tesla seeks to redefine the future of autonomous driving and network services. The debate over whether Tesla primarily operates in the automotive or tech domain continues. Still, the company’s success is closely tied to its capacity to leverage AI to open new markets and revenue streams.

As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of AI technology and expand its influence beyond traditional automotive markets, investors and industry observers will be keenly monitoring its progress. With Dojo and custom AI chips leading the way, Tesla’s venture into the world of AI-powered mobility promises to be a captivating and transformative journey.

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