Tesla CEO tweets about Entropy coin, creates frenzy


TL;DR Breakdown

• The SpaceX and Tesla CEO has supported Entropy coin.
• Netizens have gone crazy over Musk’s tweets.

Elon Musk wrote on his Twitter account about Entropy coin, and the tweet went viral. When Musk tweeted about the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, it increased 11,000 percent. Netizens and fans have gone crazy over the tweets from the most influential man in the crypto market.

Elon Musk is a nationalized Canadian and American tycoon who is the Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO. Musk recently tweeted: “Time is the ultimate currency.” This phrase led fans to investigate the meaning of his words.

These words on Twitter got more than 370,000 likes, and more than 61,000 people retweeted them.

Elon Musk talks about Entropy


Musk’s tweets always go viral and have influenced people to take an interest in the crypto market. Netizens always take Elon’s comments very seriously. When Musk wrote on his Twitter account about Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency managed to increase by more than 11,000 percent, even though it began as a simple joke. But users did not take it as a joke, and many people started investing in it.

Musk has said that Entropy is the only truth, and it must be remembered that the Musk tweets have always caused a furor with fans. He once talked about accepting Bitcoin in exchange for Tesla cars, and the coin increased considerably in a short time.

Many business people and entrepreneurs have also used this phrase e.g. the CRED founder, Kunal Shah. Many netizens have connected this phrase with a science fiction movie starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. “In Time” was released in 2011 where the protagonists used time as a currency.

Elon Musk draws attention with his tweets

Elon Musk talks about how Entropy will build the future on the business market. Entropy is a word that comes from Greek and means transformation or evolution. It comes from a natural law where you must work to keep everything in order and good condition. Only with work will you be able to grow and achieve your goals.

These words from Musk on Entropy catch the eye and has got all fans thinking and questioning about his new favorite coin topic. Elon Musk has hit netizens with a frenzy due to his tweets, and investors have always taken his words as trustworthy. Most cryptocurrency investors are always attentive to his words, which usually end up being a trend on social networks.

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