Tensor Network enhances Blockchain Governance with Community-Powered $TNSR Token


  • Tensor Network shifts power to its community by allocating 55% of $TNSR tokens for governance.
  • $TNSR token holders benefit from transaction fee discounts within the Tensor ecosystem, fostering active participation and enhancing the network’s value and liquidity.




At an unforeseen turn that symbolizes a major change in the centralized governance of the mainstream blockchain networks, Tensor Network recently announced the upheaval that puts the power of its community on top. Thanks to the innovative use of $TNSR token, Tensor not only is the project that is retracing the wrong ideas of ownership and community control but at the same time it is the beginning of a new and fresh wave of successful blockchain networks supported and maintained by holders. This project provides the organism that establishes a huge rent of $SNS per share to the community and governance; this heralds a fresh era for decentralized decision-making and aided enhancement of shares profitability.

A new ecosystem of community governance.

The community is the core to which this transformative change is related to, and community token reserve allocation gets 55% from TNSR token. Hence, this dynamic will give an opportunity to the community members who themselves invest in successful projects to manage and eventually take control of the Tensor protocols. Instead of offering hollow sentiment to the idea of decentralization, Tensor, through the democracy of governance, is preaching what they practice. By adopting the approach of ENSM, the power of holders of TNSR tokens is strengthened to make key decisions, including the change of critical protocol parameters and the direction of future development.

This is simply putting it in another way this can not be underestimated. In an atmosphere in which not a few networks are perhaps a tad deceptive on their purported decentralization, while they in fact also keep the power to make the decisions in their own hands, Tensor is challenging the tradition. As only in this way can Tensor achieve more democracy, transparency and cooperation in it community, the idea of handing the control over to the community emerges. Moreover, this not only strengthens the sense of ownership among the output holders but also motivates people in the community to be more connected and active participants as they have a vested interest in the outcome.

Owning tokens gives individuals additional benefits

A smart solution of a fee discounting mechanism is a good way of luring people to participate actively and contribute to the betterment of the Tensor industry. Tensor does this by slashing the transaction costs of $TNSR holders which actually helps the community members raise the standard of living and at the same time increases the lens through which outside members can access and be attracted to this community. As a result, this self-enhancing cycle able will pull up the network’s understanding, liquidity and in general.

Kickstarting the decentralized journey

The mission towards country-wide administration and stronger benefits for many token holders with the distribution of 12.5% of the total amount of TNSR to the early supporters and community members. Apart from this, the first sale of the token will also act as a symbol of gratitude for their early support and will encourage them to get involved in the decision-making process and help develop a stable and decentralized governance structure.

The drop is not about merely sharing the tokens an airdrop does; it’s an invitation for the community to become part of the governance process and also actively participate in designing the Tensor community’s future. It is a call to join a bigger ecosystem that is not just a blockchain project but a shift towards a future that is more community-driven and centralized-decentralized where everyone is a part of the decision-making process.


The community-oriented approach of the Tensor network which dedicates 55% of the total supply to the $TNSR community and creates the possibility for token holders to get involved in decision making power through governance mechanism and earn transaction fee discounts is more than just a brand-new strategy in the blockchain governance. Such word underlines the role of community in our digital environment and shows how the blockchain realm should build on decentralization and community interests.

By the time network enters this new era, it paves the way for other players in the industry to reconsider their governance, engagement with community, and distribution of benefits, therefore, ultimately bringing the change to the industry. The hidden strength behind the Blockchain technology is its ability to decentralize the gate keepers, control and opportunities, and Tensor is the one making this demonstration real. Such days have come already for the governing of standards by the community, and at present, Tensor is in the lead as a generator of this momentous change.

Note: The news was sourced from tweets of representatives of Tensor Network

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