Brian Armstrong calls on U.S. lawmakers to sign on crypto bills

Brian Armstrong calls on U.S. lawmakers to sign on crypto bills

In a drive to press forward the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, is turning the heat up on U.S. lawmakers. He’s called for action, using his influential position to push for the approval of two crucial cryptocurrency bills. This urging is not without substance or reason but stems from […]

Congressional committee set to vote on crypto bills

Congressional committee set to vote on crypto bills

An air of anticipation wraps Capitol Hill as the House Financial Services Committee gears up to cast votes on a host of crypto bills. This significant development paints a hopeful future for the digital asset industry as the U.S. legislature is finally drawing a regulatory net around cryptocurrencies – a movement that is seen as […]

US GAO calls for stronger interagency cooperation in crypto regulation

US GAO calls for stronger interagency cooperation in crypto regulation

The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO), a Congressional watchdog agency, has published a report on the legal framework for using blockchain in finance that it finished in June. Reps. Maxine Waters and Stephen Lynch, the chair and ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, respectively, sought the 77-page report before the midterm elections. […]

House Republicans propose crypto regulatory framework

U.S. intensifies its battle against crypto - Details

The dawn of an epoch-making legislation aimed at putting the fast-paced crypto sector under a regulatory microscope is upon us, with US lawmakers putting forward the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act. Advocating for a rigorous structure to guard consumers, stimulate ingenuity, and secure America’s dominance in financial and technological sectors, this […]

French experts weigh in on SEC’s stumbling crypto litigation approach


Bonjour!! According to recent reports, French officials have taken pride in their crypto-ready legislation, which contrasts with the SEC’s halting enforcement campaign. In addition, French officials are interested in the next iteration of Web3 gaming regulations. In the rapidly evolving crypto landscape, legal matters surrounding digital assets have become a pressing concern for regulatory authorities […]

Financial Stability Board introduces crypto regulations for global markets

The Financial Stability Board (FSB), the international organization entrusted with overseeing the global financial system, has introduced an encompassing regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. This pivotal announcement results from extensive feedback and critical analysis of the past year’s crypto-asset market events. Also, the new regulations seek to ensure the integrity of the global financial system by […]

Namibia embraces crypto legislation

Namibian Parliament Passes Crypto Regulation Bill

Namibia, a Southern African nation, is making headway in establishing its position on the digital financial landscape. The National Assembly recently approved a pivotal bill, the objective of which is to legalize and govern virtual assets, such as cryptocurrencies. Now in the stage of being officially enacted, the law is a cornerstone for Namibia’s journey […]

UK’s FCA reminds crypto firms of October marketing compliance deadline

UK's FCA reminds crypto firms of October marketing compliance deadline (1)

The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) has released an official notice asking all crypto asset firms marketing to users to ensure compliance by October 2023. Crypto companies operating within the FCA’s regime have only four routes when it comes to marketing to be compliant with the regulatory body, according to the notice. Crypto firms need […]

Here is UK Law Commission’s views on crypto regulation

UK Law Commission's opinion on crypto regulation

The burgeoning importance of digital assets in our modern world cannot be overstated. Their use has expanded far beyond mere value representation, serving as modes of payment and being linked to various rights or things. Their inherent flexibility and the technologies surrounding them have significantly transformed how we perceive property and property rights. Harnessing flexibility […]

New Zealand’s central bank plans to monitor before regulating crypto and stablecoin

New Zealand central bank ramps up monitoring of stablecoins and cryptoassets

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) has said it would be increasing its efforts in monitoring stablecoins and crypto-assets but won’t propose a regulatory approach citing uncertainties in the sector’s development. The move comes after public input on the issues these new forms of private money could lead to for the financial system and […]

House Committee hearing talks crypto regulation

Crypto regulation is the best thing that can happen for the market

Navigating the complex world of digital assets and the emerging regulatory landscape, a U.S. House Committee hearing on June 14 had Representative Mike Flood of Nebraska hold a riveting discourse with crypto marketplace Prometheum’s CEO, Aaron Kaplan. The crux of the dialogue circled around defining the landscape of digital asset securities and their regulatory frameworks. […]

EU’s crypto regulation implementation in jeopardy

Netherlands EU crypto regulation

At the helm of European cryptocurrency regulation stands the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA), a framework recently given the green light by the European Union (EU). However, its successful implementation across the continent may be fraught with obstacles, warns Christian Anders, CEO of cryptocurrency enterprise Btc.x. A hurdle race towards acceptance According to Anders, the […]

SEC founder is warning users to get out of crypto platforms – Here is why

Founder of SEC Office of Internet Enforcement Warns of Upcoming

John Reed Stark, the driving force behind the creation of the SEC Office of Internet Enforcement, has issued a stark warning to the world of cryptocurrency. His message is unambiguous: “It’s time to step away from crypto platforms.” Stark’s reasoning stems from a deep-seated belief that the crypto trading landscape is about to face significant […]

Majority of crypto companies will leave the U.S. soon

U.S. SEC securities

The intricacy of U.S. regulations for digital assets is fostering an unsettling atmosphere that might trigger a mass migration of crypto companies from U.S. shores. Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, recently shared his insights on this predicament, highlighting the regulatory clarity in other regions as a luring factor for crypto companies. Emerging regulatory havens Countries like […]

How to ensure fair and transparent crypto markets by non-interference


In the rapidly evolving landscape of crypto and blockchain technology, stablecoins have emerged as a crucial component, providing stability and utility within the volatile crypto market. However, as stablecoins gain prominence, it becomes essential for regulators to navigate this domain cautiously. Stablecoins’ role in the crypto market Stablecoins, as the name suggests, are cryptocurrencies designed […]

Russia’s crypto landscape sees major shift – What’s going on?


In a major departure from its traditional stance, Russia is shaping a new cryptocurrency landscape with a significant shift toward embracing the digital economy. The country’s tax authority is set to take the reins of this burgeoning sector, overseeing its operations and opening the gates for participants eager to explore the opportunities that cryptocurrencies offer. […]

France invites crypto companies that are tired of the U.S.


In the face of escalating regulatory uncertainty in the United States, France extends an invitation to beleaguered cryptocurrency companies looking for a more predictable environment. French officials are confidently promoting their nation’s regulatory framework, which already hosts approximately 74 registered cryptocurrency firms, a figure poised to rise with the upcoming implementation of the European Union’s […]

Crypto regulatory clarity: The path to certainty could take years – SEC


In the ever-evolving landscape of crypto, regulatory clarity plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future. According to recent reports, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has formally responded to Coinbase’s petition for clear crypto regulation, stating that crypto regulations could take years and enforcement actions will continue in the meantime. What does […]

U.S. Democrats are dissing the Republicans over crypto

Leaked Memo Suggests Democrats on US House Committee Were Told

In a recent development, a leaked memo has revealed that Democrats are aligning their stance on cryptocurrency regulation. The memo, which was distributed to Democratic Party members of the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services, outlines the party’s position on the matter and highlights the perceived shortcomings of Republicans in dealing with the rapidly evolving […]

Texas to add crypto amendment to Bill of Rights

CFPB zooms in: Are crypto platforms safe from hacks?

On May 11th, Texas lawmakers approved a groundbreaking amendment to the state’s Bill of Rights, ensuring the right to own, hold, and use cryptocurrency assets. Texas to give a triumph for crypto advocates The bill, known as HJR 146, was spearheaded by State Representative Giovani Capriglione, receiving 139 votes in favor and only two against. […]

China’s stance on crypto remains unshaken

Chinas crypto stance unchanged by moves in Hong Kong

Despite advancements in cryptocurrency adoption in Hong Kong, mainland China maintains its stringent anti-crypto stance regarding local regulations. Recent developments in Hong Kong, including state-affiliated banks opening accounts for crypto clients and the launch of two cryptocurrency funds by CPIC Investment Management, a China government-backed firm, do not signal a change in mainland China’s approach […]

Nigeria ignores crypto in major digital asset regulatory decision

Nigeria ignores crypto in major digital asset regulatory decision

In a major regulatory decision, Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is moving forward with trial applications for digital exchanges, with a focus on tokenized offerings backed by assets, rather than cryptocurrencies, according to a story by media outlet Bloomberg. This decision aims to attract the nation’s tech-savvy populace to local assets, such as equities, […]

Hong Kong SFC to release comprehensive cryptocurrency guidelines in May


During a recent event, the CEO Julia Leung of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) announced that the SFC would release new guidelines for the cryptocurrency sector in May. These guidelines will govern the cryptocurrency sector in Hong Kong and are expected to provide clarity and regulation in this rapidly evolving market. It […]

South Korea’s crypto regulation bill receives initial approval

crypto regulation

South Korean lawmakers have approved the initial review of a comprehensive crypto regulation bill, which contains strict sentencing guidelines for violators. The legislation aims to grant the Financial Services Commission the power to oversee digital asset-related activities in the country, including cryptocurrency transactions. New crypto regulation to impose strict requirements for exchanges The bill contains […]

Korea central bank takes charge of investigating crypto


In a significant development for the South Korean cryptocurrency market, the Bank of Korea (BOK) is set to take the lead in investigating virtual assets after the Financial Services Commission (FSC) withdrew its opposition to the move. This change of heart by the FSC comes amid accusations that the regulatory body was seeking to position […]

Ukraine to adopt new crypto regulations from EU

Ukraine plans to adopt EUs new cryptocurrency regulations

Ukraine is set to adopt the recently passed Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulation from the European Union, marking a significant step towards integrating cryptocurrency assets into the nation’s legal framework. As the European Parliament approved the MiCA legislation, Ukrainian regulators have expressed their intent to implement the same regulatory package in their country. Ukraine regulators […]

U.K. to roll out crypto regulation in the next 12 months

UK may have crypto regulation within a year says senior minister

The United Kingdom is gearing up to roll out comprehensive digital asset regulations within the next 12 months, according to Andrew Griffith, the economic secretary to the U.K. Treasury. In a recent interview, he emphasized the country’s desire to capitalize on the benefits of blockchain technology for the private sector and the overall economy. A […]

US SEC targets DeFi as it reopens 2022’s proposed crypto regulations


Despite the start of a crypto bull run, the SEC is stuck at a crypto crackdown. According to reports, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may target decentralized finance (DeFi) as it has reopened a proposal from last year that now explicitly targets platforms for crypto transactions as exchanges that must be regulated. In […]

Zambia approaches the finish line for crypto regulation

Zambia crypto regulation tests to be wrapped by June

Zambia is nearing the end of its cryptocurrency regulation tests, which aim to create real-world simulations of crypto use to help the government shape its crypto laws. The tests are set to finish by June, according to an April 12 Reuters interview with Zambia’s innovation, science, and technology minister, Felix Mutati. The goal of these […]

G20 nations join forces to combat crypto-related risks

G20 Embraces FSB's Crypto Recommendations Amid Increasing Regulatory Pressure

The G20, an intergovernmental forum of 19 countries and the European Union, has announced its intention to develop a unified framework to help all nations tackle the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments. India, under its presidency of the G20, has called for coordinated global crypto policies to tackle the ecosystem collapses that have affected investors […]

Hong Kong raises the bar on crypto regulation – Why?

Hong Kong crypto rules set a high bar for ‘good reason says

Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has set the standards for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) “incredibly high.” The SFC wants the crypto industry to match the same compliance standards as traditional financial firms. The founder of crypto venture firm Token Bay Capital, Lucy Gazmararian, who is also an SFC Fintech Advisory Group member, […]

Gensler is raising millions to continue his crackdown on crypto

Gary Gensler

SEC Chair Gary Gensler is making a strong push to crack down on cryptocurrency “misconduct” with the support of U.S. President Joe Biden. In a March 29th budget hearing with the House Appropriations Committee, Gensler supported Biden’s request to allocate a record $2.4 billion in funding for the regulator. The additional funding is needed to […]

Crypto crackdown in Australia as regulators fear SVB-style contagion


The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has increased its supervision of banks in the country after Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapsed and Credit Suisse experienced outflows from its customers. The regulator has begun asking banks to declare their exposures to start-ups and crypto-focused ventures, with some banks required to provide daily updates. The move is […]

Thailand’s SEC looks to clamp down on crypto lending and staking services

Thailand SEC looks to clamp down on crypto lending and staking

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has opened a public hearing on a draft regulation that would prohibit digital asset business operators from providing or supporting deposit-taking and lending services. What Thailand hopes to achieve The proposed regulation seeks to reduce risks associated with these services and clarify the scope of supervision of digital asset […]

Crypto regulation tightens in India as lawmaker makes this move

Crypto regulation tightens in India as lawmaker makes this move

Crypto regulation in India is tightening as the finance ministry has notified that crypto or virtual asset businesses will now be under the ambit of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA). This means Indian crypto exchanges will have to report suspicious activity to the Financial Intelligence Unit India (FIU-IND) and follow the same […]

The IMF takes a stand on whether to regulate or ban crypto


If you have spent enough time in the crypto industry, you are aware that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has not been a friend to the DeFi industry. According to IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, the IMF would prefer to differentiate and regulate crypto assets over enforcing a complete ban. At the same time, the […]

U.S. Treasury Secretary sets the record straight on crypto

U.S. Treasury Secretary sets the record straight on crypto

In an interview with Reuters, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spoke about her views on cryptocurrencies, stating that she did not believe that they posed a systemic risk to the financial system. She went on to say that she believed that there was a need for a regulatory framework to protect consumers and prevent money […]

New York State upgrades digital asset monitoring again

New York State upgrades digital asset monitoring again

New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) is continuing to lead the charge in developing regulatory frameworks for the digital currency industry. What their plans are In the latest development, NYDFS Superintendent, Adrienne A. Harris, has announced that the department has enhanced its ability to detect fraud and other illegal activity among New York […]

Blockchain Association CEO makes bold claim about crypto regulation


Recently, Kristin Smith, CEO of the Blockchain Association, a renowned US-based nonprofit organization serving the cryptocurrency sector, made a bold remark about the regulation of cryptocurrencies. The state of crypto regulation in the United States Smith suggested that US lawmakers need to take control of crypto legislation to make the entire marketplace looked at “comprehensively” […]

Shocking new bill in Illinois threatens to cripple blockchain technology

Shocking new bill in Illinois threatens to cripple blockchain technology

Illinois lawmakers have introduced a new bill that could potentially spell doom for blockchain technology in the state. The Digital Property Protection and Law Enforcement Act, or SB1887, was proposed with the aim of addressing digital property crimes, loss of private keys, and fluctuations in the prices of digital assets. However, it has been met […]

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