SuiSwap caught copying Aptos’ code – Details

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  • SuiSwap has been accused of copying metadata from the established AptosSwap, raising questions about the former’s originality.
  • The allegations were sparked by Alex who also noted the upcoming IDO of SuiSwap, which could potentially value SuiSwap at $200 million FDV.

A recent storm has erupted in the crypto community, surrounding a curious case of alleged intellectual property theft involving SuiSwap, the rising DeFi platform.

Noted for a striking similarity in its software metadata to the established AptosSwap, concerns have been raised about the originality of SuiSwap’s software, with suggestions of copy-and-pasting rampant.

Puzzling parallels between SuiSwap and AptosSwap

The spotlight fell on SuiSwap when Alex, a crypto trader and Twitter personality, drew attention to the striking resemblance between the metadata of SuiSwap and AptosSwap.

This unexpected revelation triggered an avalanche of queries and suspicions about the authenticity of SuiSwap’s work.

With a swift dive into the matter, it became apparent that the developers failed to alter the metadata for their site, a slip that has raised more than a few eyebrows in the blockchain community.

Market observers and investors alike have started questioning SuiSwap’s credibility and viability, especially in light of these findings.

Unpacking token unlocks: A double-edged sword

Apart from the metadata debacle, another significant factor contributing to SUI’s current predicament revolves around token unlocks. As Alex pointed out, token unlocks are a standard practice in the crypto world.

Project creators typically drip-feed their tokens into the market to sustain interest and maintain their network’s long-term growth.

However, the token-unlocking process can sometimes present unforeseen consequences. While these unlocks follow a predetermined schedule, crypto markets are notorious for mispricing such events.

SUI, along with Optimism, are on the brink of significant token unlocks this week, with the former unlocking 13% and the latter an overwhelming 114% of their total supply.

Given the potential supply surge, both tokens might face considerable pricing pressure, unless they can counterbalance this increase with new developments.

Crafting Strategies Around Unlocks

Project teams and investors, aware of the trading dynamics and potential pitfalls associated with token unlocks, often strategize around these events to protect their profitability.

Tactics such as scheduling significant upgrades, announcing partnerships, or revealing exciting roadmap developments around unlock dates can help maintain token values.

The Optimism team exemplifies this approach, as they have scheduled a significant upgrade just a week following their extensive unlock. This upgrade aims to lower fees and reduce block times, potentially stimulating demand to counteract the imminent supply increase.

In SuiSwap’s case, the upcoming token unlock primarily benefits airdrop farmers rather than team members or investors.

Interestingly, SuiSwap has scheduled its IDO for the same date as the token unlock, which may be a strategic move to buffer the impact of the increased token supply. However, this approach, along with the metadata allegations, has significantly amplified the scrutiny around the platform.

In the high-stakes world of crypto trading, where teams and investors strive to stay a step ahead, SuiSwap finds itself in a precarious position. As traders keenly observe these unfolding events, the question remains: Will the IDO and unlock strategy succeed, or will this controversy spell the end of its promising rise? Only time will reveal the final chapter in SuiSwap’s story.

Update: It has been brought to the writer’s attention that there might be confusion between two entities when referring to SUI and SuiSwap. To clarify, the SUI code is in no way involved in this and the teams building on Sui and on SuiSwap are different and independent from each other. SuiSwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) based on the Sui Network.

**You can check out Alex’s Twitter post here.

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