Sturdy Finance puts $100,000 on the line: will the hacker take the bounty?



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  • Sturdy Finance offers a $100,000 bounty to recover stolen DeFi funds.
  • An exploit in Sturdy Finance’s price oracle leads to an $800,000 loss.
  • Bounty offerings to hackers show promise in recovering compromised assets.

Sturdy Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has taken an unconventional approach to recovering stolen funds. After suffering a loss of approximately $800,000 due to a recent exploit, the platform has offered a remarkable $100,000 bounty to the hacker responsible for the attack. This move, which aims to incentivize the return of the remaining funds, represents a growing trend in the DeFi space.

The exploit occurred on June 12 and was attributed to vulnerabilities in Sturdy Finance’s price oracle and executed through a reentrance attack. The platform took Swift action, with all markets being temporarily paused to mitigate other risks. Assurances were given to the community that no additional funds were in jeopardy.

In an unexpected turn of events, Sturdy Finance’s founder, Sam Forman, took to Twitter a mere day after the hack to announce the bounty offer. He believed in the evolving landscape of exploit evasion and emphasized the platform’s willingness to drop the matter if the attacker accepts the terms. Forman further stated that Sturdy Finance is open to discussing with the perpetrator, signaling a departure from the typical adversarial approach.

Similar cases in the DeFi realm have yielded positive results through negotiation and bounty offerings. Euler Finance, for instance, successfully recovered 90% of stolen funds in an effective hack earlier this year. Sentiment, a lending protocol, also reclaimed $870,000 following an exploit by extending a bounty to the hacker. These instances demonstrate the potential efficacy of such initiatives in recovering compromised assets.

However, it is worth noting that not all projects have enjoyed the same fortune. Jimbos Protocol recently offered an $800,000 bounty to the public after their exploit’s perpetrator disregarded their original offer. The platform has expanded the rewarding scope to encourage engagement, including anyone providing information leading to the hacker’s arrest or fund recovery.

As the DeFi ecosystem matures, innovative approaches like bounty offerings are being explored to minimize losses and safeguard user funds. Sturdy Finance’s bold move highlights the industry’s evolving mindset and willingness to find alternative solutions. By incentivizing cooperation, these platforms, hope to navigate the challenges posed by malicious actors and bolster the security of the DeFi space.

Consequently, the DeFi community eagerly awaits the hacker’s response to Sturdy Finance’s extraordinary bounty, as it may serve as a turning point in the industry’s ongoing battle against exploits. Moreover, this incident serves as a reminder of the importance of robust security measures and continuous vulnerability assessments in DeFi protocols.

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