Stellantis Acquires CloudMade’s AI Technology for STLA SmartCockpit Advancement


  • Stellantis acquires CloudMade’s AI tech to boost in-car experiences and mobility solutions, aiming for faster innovation.
  • CloudMade’s adaptable AI framework will help Stellantis personalize in-vehicle and mobile experiences for customers.
  • STLA SmartCockpit, powered by the Stellantis-Foxconn venture, seeks to revolutionize user interactions with vehicles.

Stellantis N.V., the global automotive giant, has acquired CloudMade’s artificial intelligence (AI) framework, machine learning models, intellectual property rights, and patents. This acquisition marks a significant step towards Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 initiative, where the company aims to revolutionize in-car experiences.

CloudMade’s innovative automotive solutions

CloudMade, renowned for its innovation in big-data automotive solutions, has developed an AI-powered framework with integrated graphical interfaces. This framework is an industry-leading cloud and software development kit for collecting and analyzing automotive data sets. Over the past decade, CloudMade’s AI-backed technology has played a pivotal role in transforming in-car mobility user experiences.

Stellantis plans to leverage CloudMade’s AI-powered technology to accelerate the development of its STLA SmartCockpit. This innovative software offering is a key component of Stellantis’ ambitious Dare Forward 2030 goals. Yves Bonnefont, Stellantis’s Chief Software Officer, expressed optimism about the acquisition, stating, “The acquisition of CloudMade’s pioneering AI capabilities will accelerate our development journey on STLA SmartCockpit and help us deliver our Dare Forward 2030 goals.” He emphasized the adaptability of this technology, which will allow Stellantis to create intelligent mobility solutions with increased flexibility and speed.

Expanding to India: The short-term vision

To realize its short-term vision for the STLA SmartCockpit, Stellantis turned its attention to India in 2022. The company plans to establish a software center in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. This move signifies Stellantis’ commitment to making the next-generation interface of the STLA SmartCockpit a more natural and user-friendly way of interacting with their vehicles.

To power the STLA SmartCockpit, Stellantis is partnering with Mobile Drive, a joint venture between Stellantis and Foxconn. This collaboration is poised to harness the expertise of both companies to deliver cutting-edge technology and seamless user experiences.

Stellantis’ acquisition of CloudMade’s AI technology signifies a bold step toward the future of in-car technology and mobility solutions. With a vision centered around the Dare Forward 2030 initiative, Stellantis aims to redefine how users interact with their vehicles. The integration of CloudMade’s AI framework and machine learning models will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in achieving this ambitious goal.

The acquisition will expedite the development of the STLA SmartCockpit, a key component of Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 initiative. Yves Bonnefont, Chief Software Officer at Stellantis, expressed confidence in the adaptable technology acquired from CloudMade, emphasizing that it will enable the creation of intelligent mobility solutions with enhanced personalization for customers.

In the short term, Stellantis has turned to India to establish a software center in Bengaluru, Karnataka, to make the STLA SmartCockpit’s next-generation interface more intuitive. This move aligns with Stellantis’ commitment to enhancing the user experience and staying at the forefront of automotive technology.

The partnership with Mobile Drive, a joint venture between Stellantis and Foxconn, is set to be a driving force behind the STLA SmartCockpit. By bringing together the expertise of two industry giants, Stellantis aims to deliver seamless and innovative technology that sets new standards in the automotive realm.

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