Star Wars Fan Disputes Starting with “The Phantom Menace”

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  • Starting with “The Phantom Menace” may not provide newcomers with an engaging entry point into the Star Wars universe.
  • Preserving Darth Vader’s identity as a narrative twist is a crucial consideration when deciding on a watch order.
  • New viewers may find the plot of “The Phantom Menace” confusing without prior context from the original trilogy.

Amid ongoing debates within the Star Wars fandom regarding the ideal watch order for newcomers, a dissenting voice has emerged, challenging the notion of beginning with “The Phantom Menace.” While some fans advocate for starting with the prequel trilogy, one fan has articulated a strong argument against this approach.

Argument against “The Phantom Menace” as a starting point

The crux of the dissenting argument lies in the assertion that “The Phantom Menace” fails to provide new viewers with an engaging introduction to the Star Wars universe. User PalestPistachi0, while not disparaging the prequels entirely, contends that the film often elicits more amusement from seasoned fans making jokes than genuine engagement from first-time viewers. They argue that beginning with “A New Hope,” the first installment of the original trilogy, offers a more captivating introduction to the franchise.

Preserving Darth Vader’s identity

A significant aspect of the argument against starting with “The Phantom Menace” revolves around the preservation of Darth Vader’s identity and the impact of his eventual reveal as Luke Skywalker’s father. The dissenting perspective emphasizes the importance of experiencing this revelation without prior knowledge, positing that the prequels undermine the potency of this narrative twist by assuming familiarity with Darth Vader’s character.

Considerations for new viewers

While acknowledging the merits of both chronological and release order, the focus shifts to the confusion and complexity present in “The Phantom Menace.” The dissenting view suggests that newcomers may find the plot points of the prequel film convoluted without sufficient context, potentially detracting from their initial experience of the Star Wars saga.

The debate surrounding the ideal starting point for new viewers of the Star Wars franchise persists, with valid arguments presented on both sides. While some advocate for commencing with “The Phantom Menace” to explore the prequel era, others assert that beginning with “A New Hope” offers a more immersive and cohesive introduction to the iconic universe. Ultimately, the decision lies with individual preferences, as fans continue to introduce the beloved saga to future generations.

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