Solana Broadens Accessibility for Ethereum’s Solidity Developers with Solang

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  • Solana takes a leap forward in its growth trajectory, announcing the launch of Solang, a new compiler that supports Ethereum’s Solidity language, expanding the range of developers who can build on the Solana ecosystem.
  • With features like compatibility with Ethereum Solidity 0.8, support for Solana SPL tokens and native smart contracts, and enabling development with Anchor.

In an innovative stride towards broader accessibility, Solana, a renowned platform known for using Rust or C for smart contract development, is now welcoming Ethereum‘s Solidity developers to its ecosystem. Today, Solana Labs jubilantly announced the launch of Solang, a transformative compiler designed to bridge the gap between Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) developers and the growing Solana environment.

For years, Solana has consistently demonstrated its commitment to evolution and progress, and this new development is no exception. The introduction of Solang is a testament to Solana’s determination to continue expanding its reach within the dynamic world of blockchain technology.

The decision to open its doors to Solidity, Ethereum’s primary programming language, is not just a sign of progression but also a strategic move that signals a broader vision. By doing so, Solana is not only aligning itself with Ethereum’s vast developer community but is also extending an invitation to all those conversant with Solidity to engage with the Solana network.

Building on Solana with More Programming Languages

The impact of this development on the Solana ecosystem is multifaceted. By integrating more programming languages into its network, Solana invites a broad array of developers equipped with various skill sets. The Solana ecosystem is set to grow exponentially due to the diversity and breadth of developers’ expertise.

Last year, Solana witnessed a surge in developer involvement following the community-led creation and subsequent release of Seahorse. This tool enabled developers to write Solana smart contracts using Python, one of the most popular programming languages globally. Solana’s community has proven once again that they are innovative and adaptable, facilitating greater accessibility and inclusion within the blockchain industry.

The introduction of Solidity into Solana’s fold through Solang is yet another step in the right direction, continuing the push to expand the Solana ecosystem’s reach. This consistent drive to evolve and expand its technological capacity is what sets Solana apart as a leader in the field of blockchain technology.

Solang Compiler: A Powerhouse of Features

The Solang compiler, the key player in Solana’s expansion plan, comes with an array of attractive features tailored to the needs of developers. The key highlight of Solang is its compatibility with Ethereum Solidity 0.8, an invaluable asset to Ethereum developers looking to explore the Solana ecosystem.

Furthermore, Solang supports the ability to call other Solana smart contracts, expanding the interoperability within the Solana ecosystem. This feature will enable more complex and dynamic applications, broadening the scope of possibilities for developers. It also supports Solana’s SPL tokens, an integral part of the Solana network. This means that developers will be able to seamlessly integrate and use these tokens within their smart contracts, adding an extra layer of functionality.

The compiler enables development with Anchor, a popular framework for Solana development. It also builds native Solana smart contracts, a crucial feature for those looking to take full advantage of the Solana network’s speed and scalability.

Moreover, Solang provides developers with access to native Solana built-in functionality. This means that developers will be able to harness the power of Solana’s native features directly, potentially increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their applications.


The introduction of Solang is a strategic move that paves the way for a more inclusive, dynamic, and capable Solana ecosystem. By enabling developers from different backgrounds to contribute to and participate in its network, Solana is setting the stage for an era of rapid expansion and innovation. The blockchain industry is eagerly watching as Solana continues to push the boundaries of what is possible.

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