Long-Awaited Sneak Peek of Street Fighter 6’s Ed Unveiled at Last

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  • The teaser for Street Fighter 6 unveils Ed’s iconic Snatcher move, signaling its central role in his arsenal and sparking excitement among fans. 
  • Ed’s gameplay dynamics, including jabs, sways, and strategic positioning, hint at a renewed focus on mastering movement in Street Fighter 6.
  • The teaser sheds light on Ed’s World Tour debut, storyline details remain ambiguous, creating suspense around encounters with main antagonist JP and potential cameo appearances.

Street Fighter 6’s fans have eagerly awaited news on the upcoming DLC character, Ed, and their patience has been rewarded with a recently released teaser trailer. The trailer, dropped on Thursday, provides a glimpse into Ed’s character, moves, and a general release timeframe.

Ed’s world tour debut

The teaser unveils a cutscene from Ed’s World Tour section, offering fans a short introduction to the character before taking on the role of their mentor. While cinematic in nature, the trailer does not skimp on showcasing Ed’s moves, hinting at the gameplay elements players can expect. Notably, the video concludes with a display of Ed’s iconic move, the Snatcher, suggesting it will play a significant role in his arsenal.

Amidst the cinematic sequences, the trailer provides a sneak peek into Ed’s fighting style. The inclusion of familiar moves such as jabs and sways against Shadoloo goons and the return of the flicker move indicate that Ed retains his identity as a kickboxer. Furthermore, the trailer highlights a dash reminiscent of Ed’s V Reversal from Street Fighter 5, showcasing the importance of strategic positioning in Street Fighter 6’s dynamic gameplay.

Return of the snatcher

The most attention-grabbing moment in the teaser is the reappearance of Ed’s Snatcher move, a fan-favorite from Street Fighter 5. This move seems poised to be the centerpiece of Ed’s toolkit in Street Fighter 6, sparking excitement among fans familiar with its impact in the previous installment.

While the teaser sheds light on Ed’s role as the centerpiece of Street Fighter 6’s World Tour post-game, details about his involvement in the overarching storyline remain scarce. Players are left in suspense regarding Ed’s encounters with the main antagonist, JP, and what challenges await him in the game’s narrative. Speculation arises about the potential inclusion of a liaison NPC for Ed, with characters like Balrog or Falke from Ed’s group, Neo Shadoloo, being frontrunners.

Cameo speculation

The teaser sparks curiosity about possible cameo appearances, as previous DLC characters Rashid and AKI featured liaison NPCs in the form of Azam and FANG, respectively. With Neo Shadoloo being Ed’s group in Street Fighter 5, fans are left wondering if characters like Balrog or Falke will make exciting appearances as Ed’s liaison NPC.

The brief preview of Ed in Street Fighter 6 has generated considerable excitement among the player base. As fans eagerly await his release in February, the teaser has succeeded in stoking anticipation for the character’s inclusion in the game. With the promise of additional content, such as Akuma’s release in the spring, Street Fighter enthusiasts can look forward to more updates, likely during events like the Capcom Cup.

Street Fighter 6 enthusiasts are on the edge of their seats as Capcom releases a teaser trailer for the highly anticipated DLC character, Ed. The short preview not only provides glimpses into Ed’s moves and gameplay but also hints at potential storyline developments and cameo appearances. With a February release date on the horizon, players are gearing up for a new chapter in the Street Fighter universe.

The power of Ed’s snatcher move

One of the standout features of the teaser is the return of Ed’s Snatcher move, a move that gained popularity in Street Fighter 5. The inclusion of this iconic move suggests that it will play a central role in Ed’s combat strategy in Street Fighter 6, adding a familiar and powerful element to his toolkit. Fans of the franchise can anticipate intense and strategic battles with the resurgence of this signature move.

The trailer offers insights into Ed’s fighting style, showcasing jabs, sways, and the familiar flicker move. The emphasis on Ed’s dash, reminiscent of his V Reversal from Street Fighter 5, underscores the importance of strategic positioning in Street Fighter 6. As the gameplay dynamics evolve, players can anticipate a renewed focus on mastering movement around opponents, adding depth to the overall experience.

Storyline mysteries and NPC cameos

While the teaser provides a brief glimpse into Ed’s role in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour post-game, it leaves much of the storyline shrouded in mystery. The enigmatic antagonist, JP, and the challenges that await Ed create an air of suspense among players. Speculation abounds regarding the potential NPC liaison for Ed, with characters like Balrog and Falke emerging as intriguing possibilities. The anticipation for cameo appearances adds an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming release.

The teaser for Street Fighter 6’s Ed has successfully ignited the enthusiasm of the player community. With a focus on gameplay elements, the return of iconic moves, and the promise of a compelling narrative, Street Fighter fans can look forward to an engaging and thrilling experience when Ed makes his debut in February. As the release date approaches, the excitement is set to intensify, setting the stage for a memorable addition to the Street Fighter franchise.

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