Singapore launches live CBDC trial for interbank settlements


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  • Singapore announces a trial of a live central bank digital currency for interbank settlements.
  • This comprehensive plan outlines the infrastructure for the CBDC trials, exploring digital currency aspects, including tokenized bank liabilities and stablecoins.
  • Singapore’s digital currency endeavors extend to the private sector, with Paxos planning to launch a MAS-approved USD-backed stablecoin.

Singapore is making strides in digital currency with its recent announcement to initiate a live trial of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) for wholesale interbank settlements. This marks a significant evolution from previous trials that employed simulated CBDCs. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), under the leadership of Managing Director Ravi Menon, has been actively exploring the digital money landscape since 2016. This latest development is a critical advancement in using central bank digital money.

Singapore trials CBDC in the banking Sector

As the Orchid Blueprint outlines, the experiment will employ a real wholesale CBDC for settling payments between commercial banks. Additionally, the statement on Thursday indicated a consideration for using this technology in the settlement of international securities transactions. The Orchid Blueprint is a comprehensive framework outlining the necessary infrastructure for these trials. It delves into various facets of digital currency, including the potential extension of trials to encompass tokenized bank liabilities and regulated stablecoins.

A central component of the Blueprint is the development of a settlement ledger. This ledger will not only track digital currency transactions, but will also be equipped with features for programmability and atomic settlement of digital tokens. This innovative approach includes establishing a “Name Service” to facilitate user-friendly wallet addresses and names, enhancing the usability of digital currency systems.

Moreover, the Blueprint introduces a novel concept in the form of a “programmability protocol.” Utilizing “purpose-bound money” (PBM), this protocol sets specific parameters for digital currency exchanges. PBM allows for predefined criteria for settlements and automates transactions, demonstrating the advanced capabilities of digital currencies.

Paxos launches USD-backed stablecoin initiative

Furthermore, Singapore’s engagement with digital currencies extends beyond the CBDC trial. Paxos, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced plans to launch a new USD-backed stablecoin. Paxos Digital Singapore Pte. Ltd. received provisional approval from MAS for this initiative, signaling the regulator’s open stance towards digital currency innovations.

The move by Singapore to trial a live wholesale CBDC reflects the global shift towards embracing digital currencies. MAS is positioning Singapore at the forefront of digital currency innovation by focusing on secure and efficient payment systems. The integration of such technology in international securities transactions and the exploration of tokenization and stablecoins further underscore Singapore’s commitment to pioneering in digital currency.

Singapore’s latest initiative in trialing a live wholesale CBDC represents a significant step in the evolution of digital currencies. The country’s progressive approach, guided by the Orchid Blueprint, paves the way for advanced, secure, and efficient payment systems in the digital era.

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