Binance Futures Expands Offerings with BEAMX Perpetual Contract

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  • Binance Futures is launching the USDⓈ-M BEAMX Perpetual Contract on November 17, 2023, offering traders up to 50x leverage and round-the-clock trading with USDT as the settlement asset.
  • The contract features include a tick size of 0.000001, a capped funding rate of +2.00% / -2.00%, and the innovative Multi-Assets Mode, allowing the use of multiple margin assets like BTC for trading.

In a significant development for cryptocurrency traders, Binance Futures has announced the introduction of a new trading instrument in its portfolio. Starting November 17, 2023, at 13:30 UTC, traders will have access to the USDⓈ-M BEAMX Perpetual Contract. This move marks a notable expansion in the range of trading options available on the platform, particularly for those interested in leveraging their cryptocurrency investments.

New trading horizons with BEAMX

The latest addition to Binance Futures’ offerings, the BEAMX Perpetual Contract, is based on the underlying asset BEAM, with USDT (Tether) as the settlement asset. This contract allows traders to engage in transactions around the clock, reflecting the non-stop nature of the cryptocurrency market. One of the most striking features of this new contract is the option for traders to leverage their positions up to 50 times, providing a significant opportunity for those looking to amplify their trading strategies.

The contract comes with a tick size of 0.000001, ensuring precise and granular trading options for participants. Additionally, the funding rate for this contract is capped at +2.00% / -2.00%, with the funding fee being settled every four hours. This structure is designed to provide a balanced and fair trading environment for all participants.

Understanding the contract specifications

The BEAMX/USDT Perpetual Contract introduces several key parameters that traders need to be aware of. Firstly, it’s important to note that the on-platform ticker ‘BEAMX’ represents ‘Beam’ on Binance, which may differ from its on-chain display. The maximum funding rate at the inception of the contract is set at +2.00% / -2.00%.

Binance has also reserved the right to adjust the parameters of the BEAMX/USDT Perpetual Contract in response to market risk conditions. These adjustments could include changes to the funding fee, tick size, maximum leverage, and the requirements for initial and maintenance margins. Such flexibility ensures that the contract remains viable and secure under varying market conditions, safeguarding both the platform and its users.

Binance Future update introduces enhanced flexibility with multi-asset mode

A notable feature of the BEAMX/USDT Perpetual Contract is the support for Multi-Assets Mode. This mode allows users to trade the contract using multiple margin assets, subject to appropriate haircuts. For example, traders can use Bitcoin (BTC) as a margin while trading the BEAMX/USDT Perpetual Contract. This feature adds a layer of flexibility and convenience, enabling traders to leverage a variety of assets in their trading strategies.

The introduction of the BEAMX Perpetual Contract with up to 50x leverage is a testament to Binance Futures’ commitment to providing diverse and sophisticated trading options to its users. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, such innovations are crucial in meeting the dynamic needs of traders globally. However, traders need to approach these high-leverage opportunities with caution, understanding the risks involved in leveraged trading. As always, doing thorough research and having a clear strategy are key to navigating the complex world of cryptocurrency trading.


The introduction of the USDⓈ-M BEAMX Perpetual Contract by Binance Futures represents a significant step forward in diversifying trading options for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With features like up to 50x leverage, round-the-clock trading, and the innovative Multi-Assets Mode, this new offering caters to both seasoned traders and those looking to expand their trading horizons. While it opens up new opportunities for leveraging investments in the crypto market, it also underscores the importance of cautious and informed trading practices. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, such developments are crucial in enhancing the trading experience while maintaining market stability and security.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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