Shiba Inu coin price prediction 2024-2030: Is SHIB skyrocketing soon?

Key takeaways

  • In 2024, the Shiba Inu price could reach a maximum value of $0.000038.
  • By 2027, the SHIB price could reach the maximum possible level of $0.000134 with an average forecast price of $0.000115.
  • The SHIB price can reach a maximum price value of $0.000397 with an average value of $0.000361 in 2030.

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) cryptocurrency, originally a meme coin, has evolved into a comprehensive ecosystem with significant utility. Key components include ShibaSwap, a decentralized exchange, and Shibarium, a Layer 2 solution aimed at enhancing scalability. These developments have boosted SHIB’s adoption and functionality.

As SHIB’s ecosystem continues to grow, questions arise about its future price trajectory. Will the advancements in ShibaSwap and Shibarium drive SHIB to new highs? Can SHIB sustain its momentum and solidify its position in the crypto market? Can SHIB ever reach $1?


CryptocurrencyShiba Inu
Market Cap$0.00002487
Trading Volume$332,920,221
Circulating Supply
All-time High$0.00008845  Oct 27, 2021
All-time Low$0.00000000008165  Aug 31, 2020
24 High$0.00002546
24 Low$0.00002472

Shiba Inu price prediction: Technical analysis

Price Prediction$0.00008273  (228.52%)
50-Day SMA$0.00002443
14-Day RSI49.65
Fear & Greed Index73 (Greed)
Green Days13/30 (43%)
200-Day SMA$0.00001728

Shiba Inu price analysis: SHIB gains at $0.00002553, providing bullish signals

  • Shiba Inu’s price analysis is bullish.
  • Resistance for SHIB/USD is present at $0.00002553.
  • Support for SHIB is present at $0.00002353.

Shiba Inu price analysis for 2nd June 2024 shows a recovery from a bearish phase, with SHIB gaining at $0.00002553. Shiba Inu’s price is up by 8.22% in the past few hours as buying pressure increases. The bullish trend is expected to continue, and the shiba inu price movements could reach up to $0.0.00002575 in the coming days if the bullish trend is sustained. However, if the bears come back, SHIB/USD could face heavy resistance at $0.00002575 and take some time to break it out.

Shiba Inu 1-day price chart: SHIB spikes as the bullish trend keeps going

The one-day Shiba Inu price analysis provides a favorable indication regarding the price movements of today. Due to the abrupt return of the bullish trend, Shiba Inu’s price action has been trending upward during the last 24 hours. Despite the bears prevailing in the previous day and early morning, the buying pressure has pushed the price up to $0.00002553, according to the SHIB/USD chart.

SHIB/USD 1-day price chart TradingView

The technical indicator, the 20-EMA has crossed over the 50-EMA, indicating the presence of bullish momentum. The relative strength index (RSI) is also in the buying zone and currently stands at 57.27, which is considered to be neutral. The moving average convergence & divergence (MACD) faced a bullish crossover and moved with the great significance of the signal line. The moving average (MA) is present at $0.00002560, indicating that the price is likely to remain above this line in the upcoming hours.

Shiba Inu price analysis: Further downfall in upcoming days?

The 4-hour price chart confirms an uptrend over the bigger picture by being marked by a string of green candlesticks. The higher price action is now confirmed by the short-term moving line. The coin’s value has climbed to $0.00002575 as a result of the positive trend. The moving average value is $0.00002475, with buyers pushing the value above it.

SHIB/USD 4-hour price chart TradingView

The relative strength index (RSI) is currently located in the buying region at 70.32, showing that the buyers are pushing for a further uptrend in SHIB/USD price. The moving average convergence & divergence (MACD)  is now in the positive zone, further confirming the bullish momentum. As of now, the signal line is placed above the MACD line at 0.00000062, indicating that the short-term trend has turned bullish. The histogram of the MACD is also positive, indicating that the bulls are in control.

Shiba Inu technical indicators: Levels and action

Daily simple moving average (SMA)

SMA 3$0.00002510SELL
SMA 5$0.00002566SELL
SMA 10$0.00002534SELL
SMA 21$0.00002475BUY
SMA 50$0.00002443BUY
SMA 100$0.00002512SELL
SMA 200$0.00001728BUY

Daily exponential moving average (EMA) 

EMA 3$0.00002641SELL
EMA 5$0.00002599SELL
EMA 10$0.00002545SELL
EMA 21$0.00002494SELL
EMA 50$ 0.00002461BUY
EMA 100$0.00002288BUY
EMA 200$0.00001914BUY


Recent news/opinion on Shina Inu

  • DEXToolsApp now supports ShibaSwap

Shiba Inu price prediction June 2024

Based on the price fluctuations of Shiba Inu at the beginning of 2024, the average SHIB rate is expected to be $0.0000555 in June 2024. Its minimum and maximum prices can be expected at $0.00002470 and at $0.0000858, respectively.

Shiba Inu price predictionPotential LowPotential AveragePotential High
Shiba Inu price prediction June 2024$0.00002470$0.0000555$0.0000858

Shiba Inu price prediction 2024

In 2024, the minimum price of Shiba Inu will be around $0.000033. The maximum expected price for SHIB may be around $0.000038. On average, the trading price might be $0.000034.

Shiba Inu price predictionPotential LowPotential AveragePotential High
Shiba Inu price prediction 2024$0.000033$0.000034$0.000038

Shiba Inu price prediction 2024-2030


Shiba Inu price prediction 2025

In 2025, the price of Shiba Inu is predicted to reach a minimum level of $0.000050, a maximum level of $0.000058 and an average SHIB price of $0.000052.

SHIB price forecast for 2026

The price of Shiba Inu is predicted to reach at a minimum value of $0.000076, a maximum value of $0.000088 and an average trading price of $0.000078.

Shiba Inu price prediction 2027

Shiba Inu price is forecast to reach a minimum price of $0.000112 in 2027. Traders can expect a maximum price of $0.000134 and an average price of $0.000115.

Shiba Inu price prediction 2028

According to the Shiba Inu price prediction for 2028, SHIB could reach a maximum price of $0.000200, an average price of $0.000166, and a minimum price of $0.000166.

Shiba Inu price prediction 2029

As per the Shiba Inu price forecast for 2029, the price of SHIB is predicted to reach at a minimum value of $0.000231, a maximum level of $0.000283 and an average trading price of $0.000239.

Shiba Inu price prediction 2030

In 2030, the price of Shiba Inu is expected to reach a minimum level of $0.000349, a maximum level of $0.000361 and an average price of $0.000397.

Shiba Inu market price prediction: Analysts’ SHIB price forecast

Firm Name20242025

Cryptopolitan’s Shiba Inu price prediction

According to Cryptopolitan, Shiba Inu (SHIB) may reach a maximum price of $0.000034 by 2024. By 2026, the price of Shiba Inu is predicted to reach a minimum value of $0.000076 in 2026. The Shiba Inu price could reach a maximum value of $0.000088 with an average trading price of $0.000078.

Shiba Inu historic price sentiment

SHIB price history; Source: Coinmarketcap
  • Memecoin Shiba Inu saw its price grow by over 300 percent within the same month, marking a trading fury reminiscent of Dogecoin in early 2021.
  • Shiba Inu’s price history from 2022 to mid-2024 has experienced several notable fluctuations.
  • At the beginning of 2022, the price of Shiba Inu was relatively low, trading around $0.000025.
  • In May 2022, the price saw a sharp decline, dropping to approximately $0.000008.
  • Throughout the rest of 2022, Shiba Inu’s price remained fairly stable, fluctuating between $0.000007 and $0.000010.
  • In early 2023, there was a brief spike in February, where the price peaked at $0.000015. However, this was followed by a gradual decline, and by June 2023, the price stabilized around $0.000010.
  • Moving into 2024, Shiba Inu experienced another surge in March, reaching a high of $0.000045. This increase was short-lived, and in June 2024, the token is consolidating within the $0.0000173 – $0.00002933 price range.


Where can I buy Shiba Inu?

You can buy Shiba Inu on  Uniswap decentralized exchange and Binance cryptocurrency exchanges.

What are Shiba Inu dogs?

Shiba Inus are a type of short dog with prick ears, short paws white markings on their face and chest (white ventral collar) and a brown outer coat with a spirited boldness and good nature. Shibas were originally bred in Japan to hunt small game and dog sports. Their grooming requires regular bathing and daily brushing unlike most breeds (Other dogs). It is a number 1 companion dog after undergoing obedience training. Hip dysplasia is one of the common health conditions for Shibas. Organizations involved with Shibas include the American kennel club, the national breed club, and the Shiba Inu rescue association.

Where can I buy Shiba Inu coins?

You can buy Shiba Inu at Binance, Okex and Bitfinex.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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