Shakepay reveals the details of its platform breach


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  • Canadian crypto app Shakepay has revealed the details regarding a recent breach that the platform suffered.
  • Mitigating risks and building customers’ trust.

Shakepay, a Canadian cryptocurrency app, recently disclosed a data breach that occurred on December 13, 2023. The breach involved unauthorized access to the personal information of a specific group of customers but did not impact bank accounts, crypto wallets, or customer credentials. The breach was detected after unusual activity was observed on an employee’s work device, prompting Shakepay’s security team to promptly respond by deauthenticating and removing the compromised device from their network.

Shakepay reveals findings from its investigation into the incident

This action was part of the company’s incident response protocol designed to minimize the impact of such breaches. Shakepay’s investigation revealed that the breach was active between March and December 2023, during which personal details of a small customer segment were compromised. Potentially exposed information includes names, emails, addresses, birth dates, phone numbers, occupations, trusted contacts, account balances, and transaction history.

This incident underscores the challenges faced by digital currency platforms in securing user data. Social media responses to Shakepay’s announcement reflected concerns about data protection. One individual on X (formerly Twitter) expressed skepticism, stating that private data cannot be protected by anybody. He noted that no matter how good a company is, there will be a weak link present in the firm. Another user asked questions about operational security, noting that March to December was a bad look.

In response to the breach, Shakepay advised customers to remain vigilant against fraudulent activities. Protective measures recommended include upgrading to stronger account security methods, such as two-factor authentication, exercising caution with suspicious communications, and changing passwords regularly. Emphasizing the importance of using official channels for logins and employing unique, robust passwords, Shakepay aims to enhance user security.

Mitigating risks and building trust

To support affected customers, Shakepay disclosed the implementation of additional security measures and offered two years of free credit monitoring to mitigate the risks of identity theft. The company established a dedicated email address for affected customers and is actively collaborating with law enforcement and regulatory authorities to investigate the breach and prevent future incidents. In their message, Shakepay reassured customers that trust is paramount and pledged to take all necessary actions to maintain it.

The company highlighted the ongoing commitment to prioritizing the security of customers’ money and personal information. Continuous monitoring of the situation and employing all available resources to protect personal data and address security threats are top priorities for Shakepay. As digital currency platforms grapple with the increasing complexity of safeguarding user data, incidents like these underscore the need for robust security measures. The breach at Shakepay serves as a reminder of the evolving threat landscape faced by companies in the cryptocurrency space.

It also highlights the importance of proactive incident response protocols and ongoing efforts to enhance cybersecurity. The engagement with law enforcement and regulatory authorities demonstrates Shakepay’s commitment to accountability and transparency in addressing the breach. By offering free credit monitoring and taking steps to bolster security, Shakepay aims to mitigate the potential fallout for affected customers and rebuild trust within the user community.

The Shakepay data breach underscores the broader challenges faced by digital currency platforms in protecting user data. The incident prompts a renewed focus on implementing and strengthening security measures to safeguard against evolving cyber threats. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, companies must remain vigilant in their efforts to uphold the trust and confidence of their user base.

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