Samsung Expands Galaxy AI Features to Older Smartphone Models

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  • Samsung brings Galaxy AI updates to older models, with feature limits based on device age.
  • 2022 Galaxy devices get reduced AI features; 2021 models are more restricted.
  • Global rollout of the Galaxy AI update may vary, starting in Korea in early May.

Samsung announced the extension of Galaxy AI features to the older models of smartphones look for been except that preference has been cut down based on the device’s age and capabilities. This is the first of its kind in the latest line of Samsung models and calls for a reflection with those users who have not upgraded their iPhones for a while.

Graded feature availability in AI upgrade

The upcoming update, integrated within One UI 6.1, is slated to bring various Galaxy AI enhancements across several Samsung devices. The 2022 lineup, including the Galaxy S22 series, the Z Fold 4, the Z Flip 4, and the Tab S8 tablets, will receive a version of Galaxy AI that’s already operational on the Galaxy S23 FE. This version, however, will lack some of the more advanced functionalities such as Instant Slow-Mo, reflecting a tailored approach depending on the device’s processing power and hardware capabilities.

The AI feature extension to 2021 models like the Galaxy S21, Z Fold 3, and Z Flip 3 will be more restricted. These older devices will gain access only to selected features such as Circle to Search and what has been referred to as “Magic Rewrite.” This latter feature appears to be a mistranslation of what is known in other contexts as “Generative Edit,” a cloud-powered function designed to work within the constraints of less powerful hardware that characterizes older models.

Timeline for deployment and consumer impact

The rollout of these AI features is expected to commence in early May, as per the details shared in the Korean forum. While this initial rollout schedule pertains to the Korean market, it is likely that the global release could follow shortly after but might extend over a longer period to accommodate different regional markets.

Despite the limitations in the AI capabilities being extended to older models, the update is still a notable upgrade. Technologies like Circle to Search and Generative Edit represent significant enhancements that would have been considered cutting-edge at the time these devices were first released. Including these features in older models demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to providing ongoing value to existing customers, allowing them to experience new technology without the immediate need to invest in new devices.

This strategy of rolling out AI features selectively across different device generations highlights Samsung’s approach to sustainable technology deployment. It not only aims to boost customer satisfaction by enhancing the functionality of older devices but also aligns with broader environmental goals by reducing the need for frequent hardware upgrades and minimizing electronic waste.

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